Question of the Week: Twins or triplets?

Written on February 6, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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When I first started collecting Blythe, I noticed that some people on Flickr had more than one of the same type of doll. There’d be photos of two Samedi Marche dolls together or two Mondrians or two Kozy Kapes. And I just thought that was so boring to have twins. Because to me, at the time, with all this variety, why would you want to have identical dolls taking up room when you could have something else taking up that room?

Hey, we're matching... But that was back in 2009 when I had three dolls and I just thought it was so awesome that all my dolls had different hair colours from one another and they were all totally different. Because that’s what I thought would matter most to me – variety. But now that I’m looking at my dolls… I wouldn’t mind another stock Margaret Meets Ladybug (MML has gorgeous special stock chips and a cute pull!). And I recently (in December 2011) got Simply Bubble Boom (Moxie) and Simply Sparkly Spark (Mollie) and I’ve been calling the pair of them my “fraternal twins”. This is mostly because SBB and SSS (along with STT, who I’m not getting) were part of a ‘trio’ and they belong together.

Looking at photos of twins (or triplets) is pretty fun. I like trying to figure out who is who in the photos. Sometimes there is an obvious difference (shorter hair or some other distinctive change), but having twins is so very awesome to see in photos. I’d love to have twin Mondrians one day, but I may have to settle for (one day!) getting just the one.

Do you have twins/triplets/more? Would you want them? And if yes, which dolls?

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  1. April AKA Dusty.feathers says:

    I think that calling similar molds like Guava/Mango, Bubble boom/sparkly spark “twins” is a pretty cute idea… but I still don’t really “get” buying two of the exact same mold, without any modifications… seems wasteful to me, but maybe some people have more imagination than I do.
    My whole perception of completely stock dolls is a little bit all over the place right now anyways… a bit of a dolly “identity crisis”, I guess. I’m starting to like custom dolls more than ever now, having one that’s completely unique, recognizable, one that you can differ from all the rest. So having two of the exact same stock doll seems really odd to me.

    I think twins are cute though, I’d like to have two very similar custom dolls… same hair color, with slightly different expressions… maybe one is cranky, and one’s a little sweetheart 🙂 one could have short hair, and one long.

  2. Heather AKA @claribari

    I dont’ have any desire to have twins …. but if I found myself with a matte mondrian in addition to my shiny girl, Fawn, I suppose we could have a twin situation. 😉

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