Question of the Week: What is the most you would spend on doll shoes?

Written on March 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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This question came to mind the other day while I was browsing sundries listings over at Blythe Kingdom. There’s been quite a few threads with shoes for sale and I adore doll shoes so I decided to click through. I’m not really in the market for buying doll shoes though, so I wasn’t a serious shopper but it never hurts to look. Until my jaw dropped and it took me a while to pick it back up again.

Winter boots brag

I love doll shoes. They’re adorable, they’re tiny and can be incredibly detailed and they can really pull together an outfit. I admired the cutest pink boots ever on a doll at a recent Blythe meet and I wanted a pair so incredibly bad. Until I saw them in a listing for $40 for a pair of doll boots. Forty dollars for a pair of doll shoes. And that photo was right above another for $60.

Like all things, I think there’s a buyer for everything. While $40 seems quite expensive to me for a pair of plastic doll shoes, it’s chump change to someone else who regularly buys pricey designer doll wear. Who am I to judge? Well, I do a little – because I wanted a pair just like that except my wallet clamped up tight and refused to let me buy them. Which is probably for the better, I think I would be incredibly paranoid over losing a shoe if they cost $20 per shoe. As it is, I use tiny clear elastic hair bands to hold on cute (and, in comparison, inexpensive) shoes that I currently have. I can’t imagine how obsessive I’d get over checking my doll’s feet if they had $40 on them. As it is, my dolls just recently started regularly wearing socks! I’m not quite at the point of spending nearly $50 (after including shipping) on doll shoes. The shoes that I bought for me cost around $25!

But I do suppose, at the end of the day, this isn’t really a hobby for logic, considering the cost of the dolls themselves.

What is the most that you would spend on doll shoes?

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  1. Laura AKA @plastic_fashion

    Probably $25 would be the most I would spend. I do like shoes but I have been collecting for quite sometime and I am willing to wait for a better deal to come my way.

  2. Heather AKA @claribari

    I agree. I think about 20-25, but that’s because I have no fantasies (as of yet) about own Darling Diva boots or other pricey foot wear. My ‘luxury’ shoes for my girls are the super cute Blythe Uggs from Gina’s shop…and the only pair we have we bought used!

  3. Blythe Ghost says:

    The most I have paid for Blythe shoes is $20 for Lolita style boots. If you checkout Coolcat on eBay she has some similar to what you saw, that you could just add a ribbon bow to.

  4. HappyCatz says:

    I admit it….I HAVE spent $40 on Blythe shoes! I know it’s NUTS, but I figured how often am I going to do it? I ONLY did it to pull together a very expensive outfit that was a gift, and also it completed my cruise day Takara shoe set. BUT the $40 included the shipping.

    I ALWAYS factor in the cost of shipping in the COST of owning ANYTHING.

    I do not have to worry about losing them, because my dolls are displayed in a curio cabinet, and the wardrobe I have for them is meticulously stored with each outfit individually boxed with the shoes that go with the outfit in the same box. The entire wardrobe is inventoried and catalogued. I know it sounds obsessive compulsive, but with nearly 300 dolls (not all blythe…I only have 37 of them) in my collection, inventory lists are NECESSARY to keep up with what I have for both my own knowledge, and for the insurance company’s rider.

  5. HappyCatz says:

    P.S. At the end of the day, I would only go as high as $40 INCLUDING shipping under the most desperate conditions!

    TYPICALLY, I max out around $20 INCLUDING SHIPPING! Most of the time when I am buying shoes without an outfit, I spend $2 to $15!

    While I am being completely honest, I want it to be known that those $2 Mary Jane shoes that you find on eBay in a variety of colors….the ones others try to hawk ay $6, and $7? The $2 shoes FIT fabulously, and LOOK fantastic! I own them in black, brown, tan, cream, pink, beige, and white! All 7 pairs cost LESS than a lot of single pairs!

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