Question of the Week: How do you store your doll shoes?

Written on April 2, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Shoe organizer...

Back in February I finally got around to organizing some of my doll shoes. Well, I started to do so, anyways. I got as far as the state of organization as photographed above and then I kind of stopped with the organizing. I have a lot more pairs that are still not organized (mostly stock shoes and boots that I’d bought since organizing the collection) and what I was wondering was how other people organized their doll shoes. I know some people use similar boxes with little compartments, and some people have shelves and little displays for their doll shoes so my question this week is…

How do you store your doll shoes?

3 Responses to “Question of the Week: How do you store your doll shoes?”

  1. rhubs AKA @rhubs

    I store mine much as you do. then if I want to display some in smaller containers in a diorama or want certain similar shoes in different colours to display I can find them. I just don’t have enough room to truly display all of them like I would like to…

  2. olivia AKA @oliveplusoh

    I just throw all one in a box. But then again I really don’t have very many

  3. HappyCatz says:

    Mine are kept WITH the outfits they belong to, but are wrapped in tissue to avoid color transfers! I like to keep my dolly wardrobe AWAY from dust, and UV light!

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