The Helmet Factory Giveaway: The Winners!

Written on March 19, 2012 at 11:30 am by Michelle
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I’d like to thank everyone who entered into the giveaway for the two fantastic beaded helmets by Meg of The Helmet Factory! I thought it was really neat to see what colour combinations that people were coming up with for suggestions.

We had 14 people enter and 39 entries in total! So there were 39 entrants for the helmet on the left and everyone got 1 entry for the UV helmet on the right (where Oscar the dog picked a name out for the winner).

And the winners are…

Congratulations to Katie and The Brass Cupcake! I’ll be sending both of your emails to Meg and she’ll be in contact with you!

4 Responses to “The Helmet Factory Giveaway: The Winners!”

  1. TheBrassCupcake AKA @thebrasscupcake

    Woo Hoo!! Thank you Oscar so much!!! 😀 But then how could you resist trying to nom a cupcake!! xoxoxox

    • Niambi AKA @NdVjYJTauySim

      First of all, congratulations on the City Weekend farbic. I’m excited to see some in person and am tempted by those knits! As far as my sewing plans, I just made 17 Harry Potter robes for my son’s 7th birthday party, and I’m eager to do a little sewing for myself! I have been eyeing Colette pattern’s Crepe wrap dress. My daughter is growing like a weed (she will be 3 on Friday!) and could use a new stock of simple dresses, so that’s on my radar, too. But it’s hard to work full time, raise two kids and do all the sewing I wish I could do! (as the Harry Potter robes might indicate, though, I’m not afraid to tackle ambitious projects).

  2. Katie AKA @kultofkulta

    Yay the helmet has arrived and we loveeee it. Here is a pic.

    Definitely going to buy another of her helmets.

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