The Travelling Blythe: Makani

Written on May 28, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I wanted to share my recent experience hosting Makani, the Moofers custom Blythe that’s going around the world (along with Compass, customized by Happibug, and Aurora, customized by Sglahe). I was Makani’s second stop (yay!) and her first stop in Canada.

I love her chips

My first day with her was on a Saturday, after I rescued her out of the post office. Because I’m her second stop, her box isn’t bursting full of goodies (yet), but it was still fun to check out what she has in her travelling capsule! Makani comes with a great travelling outfit put together by Kate (Moofers) and a coordinated carrying case by Becca (SewPixie). I also got a post card from Makani’s first host, Zanalee, in NYC.

Thanks for the postcard, Zanalee!

The first day that Makani was here, I took her to a local park and walked around the lake with my best friend (who didn’t want her photo on the internet), but here’s Makani with the lake in the background! It’s a gorgeous little park with a lake, a playground and fishing! It’s quite a nice location and it was wonderful weather that evening.

Makani at the lake

Fast forward a few days, I didn’t really have a chance to go anywhere with Makani. Then I got the chance to hang out with a friend who has two Moofers customs and the three dolls got to meet up and it was cool to see a few of Kate’s custom work side by side. It was very fun and I enjoyed getting to see Makani with her sisters.

Three Moofers girls, all in a row

These boots were made for walking

A week after Makani arrived, I took her out to downtown Vancouver to see some iconic sights that I love. She got to see the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen park (the public section; there’s also a private/paid garden), Science World, around Science World and Gastown. Some wonderful iconic features of Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens

Science World!

Makani learning about the clock

The weather, unfortunately, didn’t hold up and the last few days that Makani was here, it rained (and rained and rained!). That didn’t stop me from taking some last few goodbye photos of her though…

oh. em. gee.


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