Grail Dolls?

Written on June 22, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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A touch blushy

I got asked a while back what the difference was between ‘grail dolls’ from the different types of molds of Blythe. I think part of the confusion is that people refer to certain Blythes as being ‘grail dolls’ but they are not a different type mold.

Type of Blythe molds that (currently) exist:

  • Kenners – 1972 – no longer being produced
  • BL – no longer being produced
  • EBL – ‘Excellent’ – no longer being produced
  • SBL – ‘Superior’ – no longer being produced
  • RBL – ‘Radiance’
  • FBL – ‘Fairest’

Calling a doll a ‘grail doll’ is just another way of referring to a ‘wish list’ or ‘dream doll’. Any doll that you really want can be called a grail doll. In my experiences as a Blythe enthusiast, I’ve referred to several of my dolls as ‘grail’ or ‘dream’ dolls (Love Mission, Margaret Meets Ladybug and a red headed Kenner).

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