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Written on August 10, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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This is part one of my “Thoughts on…” mini series.

First Kenner love

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Kenners? What words come to mind?

1972. Blythe. Vintage. The Original. Chunky, wispy, side part. ‘Brown’ and ‘purple’ eyechips. Yellowing. Frizz. Broken knees. Chewed fingers, toes. Cracks. Loved her legs off.

I used to think that Kenners were somewhat grubby and overpriced. And then I actually held a Kenner in my hands and heard that soft, delicate pip and I was totally over the moon about them. After BlytheCon 2011, it took all of 2 months (or so) for me to end up winning an auction over on eBay and a week after that for her to arrive at my house. I will admit though, Kenners aren’t for everyone. Everyone’s collections are different and that’s a beautiful thing.

For some, cracks are a deal breaker. For others, it’s yellowing. As for me – missing legs are no big deal. Neither is a cracked pelvis or somewhat frizzy hair. Or very frizzy hair, as the case may be.

It’s the magic in their eyes.

I'm cute, quirky...

Some people have small families, others large. Some have only Kenners, some have a mixture of everything. Some have all stock dolls while some have all extreme customs – teeth, wink eyes, permanent scars across the eyes. It’s okay to have something different. I didn’t understand Kenners when I first got into Blythe. Sure, they’re neat and all, but why would I buy a Kenner when I could spend a fifth of what one costs on a new doll?

And then I realized something new. I mean, I could have five whole Takaras (or more) for the price of a Kenner. But there’s something about them. The coy eyes, the frizz of their hair. The way that their bodies come slightly broken or asymmetrical. One arm sticks out more than the other. They’re classic, but different from stock Takara Blythes. Classic.

Hi world, I'm kinda really awesome.

Still, Kenners are not for everyone. Some people want new-looking dolls. Some people can’t stand hair frizz, cracks in the body, wonky eyelashes or clouded chips. Some people want mint and others don’t. And some people, like myself, have a mixture in the family. I have one Kenner with super frizzy hair and another with hair that feels like silk. And that’s okay, because everyone’s dolls are different, everyone has different tastes.

I do have a lovely trio that might convince you that you should have a Kenner… That and they’re always convincing me that I need more of their vintage sisters in my life.

My Three Loves

For those that don’t know, from left to right is Emmalynn, Primrose and Lillian.

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  1. Helen (2tMargarett) says:

    My first thought when I read Kenners was ‘beautiful’, followed by ‘chubby cheeks’! And right up there was ‘soul-piercing gaze’! I am lucky enough to have two of these sublime beauties (+ one on layaway) and I love them dearly. I agree with everything you ave said above Michelle. They just have that certain something which the newer girls do not.

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