Doll Birthdays (January & February)

Written on February 27, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I made it a goal to do ‘something’ for each of my dolls’ birthdays as it happened this year, here were the first four (of twelve) birthdays I had celebrating this year:

January 19th – the 3rd year that Bennett has been here!

Happy birthday to Bennett :)

January 23rd – the 3rd year that Eden Mouse has been living here (and making everything pink!)

24/365 - What I got for my birthday...

February 18th – marks the 1st year that Lillian and Primrose have been living with me (due to an amazing story of seven Kenner Blythes being rescued from a second hand toy shop by a dear friend of mine).

Prim love & updates
My sweet Lily - February 2 2013

The next birthday that will be documented is Kindred’s (March 26th).

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  1. Jen AKA @karmacorrection

    Happy belated birthday, girls! From your redhead Sister xo!

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