QOTW: Your best dolly bargain?

Written on March 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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The great thing about this hobby is that, as expensive as it can be (and is, let’s not be irrational now), there are always bargains to be found. But a bargain is only a bargain to the person who’s doing the buying. It doesn’t actually matter if other people think that it’s also a great deal or if everyone else thinks that it’s way overpriced. All that matters is what you think about whatever it is that you happened to have bought.

For instance, a $500 doll may seem like a really good bargain for some, but it may have hit the ceiling and gone through the price-limit roof for others. But it is all matter of relativity. Some things are bargains, other things are not – but it all depends on your perception of whatever it is that you’re looking at and hoping to buy.

My best dolly ‘bargain’ is, and always will be, this lovely lady. She cost me many pretty pennies, that is true – but at the same time I wouldn’t trade Prim away for anything and that, to me, makes her one of the best purchases that I had ever made. It also helped that I got a ‘minor’ discount for buying both her and her blonde TLC sister (Lillian). (Plus the fact that I could pick her up in person, gush over her cute little face and play with her absurdly frizzy hair was just a major bonus – and, thus, sealed the deal. As soon as I held her I knew I wasn’t going to let her go.)

Biggest hair ever.

What was your best dolly bargain?

(And free or gifted doesn’t count as a bargain, folks. It has to be something that you actually paid some money for.)

6 Responses to “QOTW: Your best dolly bargain?”

  1. Naomi AKA @AgentOwen

    I think my very best dolly deal was my Happibug Newt. I’ve seen them go for almost 1K and I was lucky to secure mine for a very sweet deal from a very sweet seller. I won’t go into how much it was, needless to say a Happibug these days would NEVER ever go for that now. I love her to pieces!

  2. Jessica AKA @sewdosomething

    Definitely my custom Sawyer. She’s a Simply Vanilla base and the work done on her is beautiful and flawless. Even the back of her head was sand matted and sprayed with MSC. Her makeup is beautifully blended and the tiny details on her lower lashes and lips are perfection. She’s definitely one that I will never part with.

  3. I thought I would never afford THM, until I found a local add for her at a price I thought was too good to be true and NRFB. It so happened the woman selling her was driving past my town to go somewhere and offered to bring her (I felt really hesitant to pay that kind of money via bank draft and she had no paypal)… she’s one of my favourite dolls!

  4. Alice AKA @nuwandalice

    maybe this doesn’t quite count but I count myself super duper lucky to have been able to buy both my goldie and kenner from friends who were also in the UK. saved me a tonne of customs worry (and probably a lot of money, too!)

  5. Lyndell says:

    Like you my “bargain” is a doll – my first Blythe Lillian is an ADG and was the least expensive doll on the market at the time. She is a darling doll and I love her very much – will never part with my Lillian. 🙂

  6. Jen AKA @karmacorrection

    My Tiina girls! I feel so fortunate/blessed/lucky to own them both..i feel like i should pinch myself! and adopted them from a dear friend for a friends price, compared to their value today for her current customs. My goodness I feel I won the lottery, even. I love them both to bits <3 Thnx for reminding me!!

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