Blythe On A Budget: Buying A Blythe

Written on May 15, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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What may be the most important aspect of the Blythe hobby? Actually having a Blythe doll.

I decided to do a little research (also known as searching on eBay for lowest non-inflated pricing). To make it the same across the board, I decided to include prices for brand new, in box dolls. Additionally, I decided not to focus on ADG Blythes. Here are the top 10 Neo/Takara Blythes that I came across at affordable prices. I’ve also included any notes that should be considered prior to buying them.

These prices do not include shipping, they are in $USD, are from BIN (Buy It Now) listings and I am not responsible for any transactions that you decide to take part in.

1 & 2. Simply Guava ($99) and Simply Mango ($99)
The big thing to watch out for with the Simply Guava and Mango twins is that there are a lot of fakes floating around. Both are RBLs, came with cute Converse shoes that are quite collectible and small dogs (which don’t tend to be that collectible). Overall, Guava and Mango have been at low prices for a while now and the pricing hasn’t changed much since the influx of fake Guavas and Mangos into the market. But if you’re looking for a legitimate SG or SM, it pays to do your research first.

tang stars in her own 70s sitcom.
Photo of Tang (Simply Mango) by Johnathon/alain l’étranger.

3 & 4. Simply Vanilla ($110) and Simply Chocolate ($120)
Simply Vanilla and Chocolate are the FBL twins. Their stock isn’t typically desirable, but they look gorgeous when customized – which I noticed that quite a few have been customized. That said, SV and SC are both really cute as stock dolls (and not). As far as I know, there are no fakes floating around of SV and SC, but always be vigilant about what you’re buying. When in doubt, always ask someone else that you think might be more familiar about the dolls.

5. Lavender Hug – $120
An adorable FBL with light hair that reminds me a lot of Simply Lilac – but with rounded bangs. She has very adorable boots (that look like Blythe-sized Uggs, if you’re into those) and white fluffy ear warmers. So if you’re looking for a pretty cute doll and stock that’s usable, Lavender Hug fits the bill pretty well. I don’t think I’ve seen very many photos of her on Flickr, but if you’re looking for a doll to customize and get cute stock, LH would work well.

6. Nicky Lad – $130
Nicky Lad comes with cute stock. I see her getting customized quite a bit – but she comes with pink glasses, pink hiking boots, a cute shirt and shorts with a rain poncho. Yes, that’s all fantastic and cute. So cute stock, cute girl (with a set of special chips) – what else do you want in a Blythe?  I think $130 is good value for the quality of stock you end up with, and I don’t believe there were many complaints about NL’s quality – she’s an overall win!

7 & 8. Simply Love Me ($130) and Simply Delight ($130)
The two underrated Simply twins (both of the RBL face mold) – one has Aubrena/Aubrey-coloured hair (Simply Delight), the other has yellow-blonde hair (Simply Love Me). Both dolls come with long-sleeved A-line dresses, along with cute tights and useful boots that can be utilized with other outfits (black from Simply Delight and red from Simply Love Me). These two Simply dolls are another couple of dolls that don’t come up as often as they could. Given that they’re both RBLs, it’s likely that they get used for customizing quite a bit. Overall, I think they’re both pretty cute. Simply Delight is a good alternative if you do not have Adorable Aubrey or any of the Aubrey/Aubrena incarnations.

9. Bohemian Peace – $135
Still quite the looker, Bohemian Peace (RBL) with her long, dark red/auburn locks, she’s an older girl (if 2010 can be considered old), but still very affordable. She has lace tunic top that goes over her dress and the most adorable light blue ukulele. So not only does she come with cute stock, and she has very gorgeous hair, I adore the colour.

Photo of Eudora (Orange and Spice) by Johnathon/alain l’étranger.

10. Orange and Spice – $135
Cheerfully called “Spicy Orange” by a dear Flickr friend, O&S isn’t very popular in the world of Blythe. Yet another RBL, she has a special pair of dark blue chips that go well with the blue eyeshadow that she has. She’s one of the dolls that I’m hoping to get very soon, as I love her in photos (her and Ambrosial, but that doll isn’t on this list).

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  1. Gill says:

    Some good tips here for a new collector, thank you. I’ll definitely be referring back to this interesting article as my collection grows. 🙂

  2. Natasha says:

    Thanks. This was really interesting and helpful for my next purchase. My first, and so far only, Blythe was Very Vicky. I found her to be reasonably priced and am delighted with her.

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