QOTW: What does “bonding” mean to you?

Written on June 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I see the word “bonding” used a lot when it comes to Blythe. People say that they haven’t bonded with a new doll that has arrived, or they’re unable to bond with a stock doll but they can bond with a customized Blythe. To me, bonding means that people become attached to a doll, or have grown to like (or love) a particular Blythe. I can understand why some people don’t bond with stock dolls – they have big shiny foreheads, they can look a little vacant at times. I like doing minor changes to my dolls – eye chip changes, gaze lifting. But some dolls are perfect (to me) as completely stock (Margaret Meets Ladybug, I mean you!). But I “bond” easily with stock dolls, compared to other people. I think there’s a pretty even split in the community – where probably about half of people enjoy customs whereas the other half love their stock dolls. Whatever bonding means to me, I think it’s always a great thing to love the dolls that you have. They’re not inexpensive dolls, it’s important to love what you spend your money on.

What does “bonding” mean to you?

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  1. Nancy says:

    I’m another stock doll fan. I love their shiny foreheads! I don’t really care for customs all that much and, I know I’m in the minority here, I also don’t really like matte faces. Most of my dolls will get an eyechip change if anything at all.

    Bonding is a term I personally dislike, although no disrespect intended to those that use it. To me bonding is when you enter into a mutually emotional relationship not just one-sided love of an inanimate object. That being said I have purchased two dolls that I could just feel no love for once they arrived and I actually felt bad for them. Was it lack of bonding? I don’t know but I did feel a lot worse than if I had purchased any other object that I didn’t end up liking in person.

  2. Pam says:

    So far I love both stock and certain customs I have seen… I am extremely new to the hobby, and only have 1 stock doll so far.

  3. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    Bonding is one of the most interesting things about Blythedom to me. I’m very liable to bond, so the one time I haven’t really bonded with a girl, I found it distressing! To me bonding just means there is an attachment.

    I bond more easily with stock dolls than some, it seems, as most of my girls are shiny and have only had eyechips changed, if anything. Sometimes I intend to customize them but I get attached to the way they are.

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