QOTW: Do you have a room box?

Written on July 8, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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xoxo, Sophie.
I don’t know who you think I am, but I do not share rooms with people. Ever.

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of building or buying a room box. And by lately, I really mean “all the time”. I love the idea of having miniatures and rooms set up, just like I love the idea of having a dollhouse. I love the idea of decorating, having a cute little kitchen set, even set up a bedroom for some of the dolls that are nearest and dearest to my heart (which means, of course, that I’d be making over a dozen bedrooms – unless they deem each other worthy to share!). As I’m currently stuck with the problem of lack of space, I can only dream about what it would be like to have a room box or two (or twenty… or a doll room… that’d be nice to!). It’s definitely one of those “one of these days…” kind of thoughts, yet that still doesn’t stop me from thinking about miniatures and collecting little bits of furniture here and there. It’ll be a very uncoordinated first house for my dolls – much like the furniture that I mostly live with now.

Do you have a room box?

Share a link to a picture if you do! I want to see!

2 Responses to “QOTW: Do you have a room box?”

  1. Pam says:

    I don’t, as I am so new to the doll world, but I think it would be a fun idea. I like the ones that I have seen in cube bookcases (and I happen to have a cube bookcase lol)… so far I have dedicated 1 of the cubes to my doll!

  2. Gill says:

    I’m starting – I’ve dedicated 2 cubes to the dolls – 1 for them and 1 to decorate – so far I’ve bought a few chairs and I’ve started a box of re-ment – not much just a few thrift store items so far! (Note the “so far”!). Oh, it’s a slippery slope this dolly business.

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