QOTW: Trends in your family?

Written on July 29, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Some collectors are a bit more fluid when it comes to their doll families, I feel. Especially with how often they buy or sell dolls on forums, Facebook and behind the scenes. I’m a fan of looking at photos of what is available because you never know when someone will spark an interest in you. That’s how I ended up with Halo, my Friends With Blythe custom. I was browsing the Going Baroque section over at Blythe Kingdom and I saw her. She was at a price that I could afford and so lovely. She’s been here for just over a year (arrived July 21 2012).

Formerly known as Kaia

As far as dolls in general go, Halo really bucked the trend for me. Besides her, all my other Blythes are close to stock or are completely stock. I’ve only ever made minor changes (eyechips, sleep eyes, gaze lift), nothing extravagantly crazy like rerooting a doll or painting eyelids. I’m not that talented! She was a welcome change, and I don’t know if I’ll be adding to my doll family with more custom girls or not – it’s always a possibility! But for now, the norm is for stock and mostly stock dolls. I’ve grown accustomed to the extreme shine and trying not to take photos with my face on their foreheads!

What kinds of trends are in your doll family?

4 Responses to “QOTW: Trends in your family?”

  1. Pam says:

    I only have 1, so not sure what the future holds as of yet. I know on one of my next dolls I want a fully articulated body. So much variety, I will probably stick to stock dolls because of the prices but if I found the right custom, I might be tempted!

  2. SonjeB says:

    I have a relatively small family: 1 Neo, 1 ADG, 1 Mystery Clone, 1 Middie and an LPS head on a Picco Neemo body. My budget is extremely limited, so I stuck to stock with only minor updates by me. I typically fall in love with a girl as she is, so I don’t really dream of major customizations. However, I recently saw a customized girl on the Bay that was up for auction. Her condition was used and the customizer was unknown. No one bid on her so I was able to snag her for an unbelievably affordable cost. I am so in love with this one, that I’d be willing to give up all my other girls for her. My advice, if you are just beginning your collection, wait and save up for a girl that you can’t live without. My new girl may not be the fanciest customization I’ve seen, but she is my plastic soul-mate.

  3. Carrie says:

    I only collect customs, and I have one ADG blonde. I prefer Licca bodies, I am just not into the articulated bodies, or customs that no longer look like Blythe. I like her to look enhanced, not look like a totally different doll! I love Blythe as she is! I like hair changes, crazy eye chips, fun colors in her face, but I steer away from eyebrows, Blythe does not have eyebrows! I do appreciate all of the dolls who have the said above, but I just prefer not to purchase them for my collection. My doll family is unique, but they all still look like Blythe…

  4. Louie says:

    My family is TINY but there is zero trend I just adopt any girl that I fall in love with, I just don’t have a certain taste in Blythe, so In conclusion to my short comment I would say my family is pretty diverse! 🙂

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