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Written on August 21, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Once in a while, I’m reminded that not all of you have been reading BlytheLife since the beginning (a long, long, long time ago back in 2010!) and I’d like to introduce you all to some of the great features of I like to make it easy for people in the doll community to get involved and share their stories, shops and dolly-related tidbits here on the blog as well.

Hmm… This looks familiar…

Blog Blurb Wednesday

Blog Blurb Wednesday is not a frequently used feature, but I’m hoping that after you read about it you might be interested. It’s a way for people to have their blogs ‘showcased’ on BlytheLife with a small amount of information about you and what you write about. Doll/Blythe blogs only, please! Blogs that are primarily dedicated to posting about shop updates will not be featured. But if your blog is like that, I would always be interested in interviewing you!

Community Corner

Community Corner is my way of letting others in the doll community make announcements! So far it’s been used a small number of times – mostly for mentioning fundraisers that people in the community have organized. If you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart, or anything else that you’d like to announce, you can let me know in an email and I can see if it’s appropriate for the blog.


The Events page is a way of showing the need-to-know information about upcoming major Blythe events like various BlytheCons happening around the world. If you happen to know about an upcoming Blythe event that I do not have listed, be sure to let me in on the news and I can keep others updated as well.

Shopping Saturday

Shopping Saturday is a great way for you to let others know about any sales you ave going on at your Etsy or other online shops! Shops must be Blythe related. Simply let me know the name of your shop, where it is, the coupon code (and what it’s for!) and how long the coupon code is valid for. All coupon codes must last for the duration of the weekend to be eligible to be included with the Shopping Saturday posts.

I hoped this help you to become more familiar with some of the lesser known features of!

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