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Written on September 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Since school started nearly a month ago for me (I started two weeks before Labour Day), I’ve been very busy with presentations, assignments, readings, projects and clinical. It doesn’t stop when I want it to and I find myself going for days and weeks on end without even touching my Blythes. This isn’t to say that I no longer like them, the truth couldn’t be farther from that, but rather I’ve had to change my priorities because my education is important to me and that needs to come first. At the same time, I love my dolls and I have missed even having them out with me. Most of them are on display on my desk, but the others are usually tucked away, so I made it a point to pull a few of them out the other day because I just needed some ‘dolly time’.

A little Halo love tonight. Haven't done much with dollies lately.
Not the best photo, but Halo is still adorable!

And it’s not even as if I do it intentionally with the thought of “I’m just going to ignore my Blythes for a few days” because that’s not it at all. Like or not, Real Life can be busy. And unfortunately things like hobbies fall to the wayside. But recent events (like getting dolly mail!) have rekindled my love for the big-eyed dolls that we all know and love. I was recently on “the hunt” for my first BL when I had a large unexpected expense come up, so now I’m needing to really pinch the pennies and just be happy with what I have – not to get caught up in the never-ending cycle of spending money on more and more dolls and doll things. At least for now, I should enjoy what I have. (And the new dolly clothes that recently arrived…)

Do you ever go through periods where you don’t play with your dolls very much? What makes you decide to spend more time with them?

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  1. Steph! says:

    The 365 Challenge keeps me taking pictures of at least one girl all the time…but the others – they just sit on the shelf forever! I feel so guilty until I just can’t take it any more and I get them down and redress them and take their pictures….I function on guilt a lot!

  2. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    As a person with a lot of hobbies, I certainly go through periods where my concentration is elsewhere and my time gets all sucked up and my other hobbies go untouched for a bit. I just go where my mood takes me, whether that’s to Blythe or writing or music.

    And sometimes I find that I like the way all of them are dressed so much that I don’t change their clothes unless I get something new, which can be rare as I too endeavor not to get in a cycle of spending money, so while they may stand for several weeks untouched, it’s because I am happy with just looking at them.

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