Meat vs. Meet

Written on September 27, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Dolly meet ?

I’m not entirely sure who started it or where it originated from, sometimes “Blythe Meet” gets changed to “Blythe Meat” on purpose! I’m not going to lie – the first time I saw it I thought it was a typo. I mean, “meat” and “meet” are both real words, so it’s not like spell check would catch something like that. And then I realized that people were doing it on purpose, somewhat ironically (yes, there are clearly hipsters in the Blythe community). One of the lovely ladies in my local Blythe group uses “Blythe Meet” all the time and when I realized that she wasn’t using it as a typo (not going to lie), it kind of annoyed me a bit. Only because that’s not what the word is supposed to be! But I got over that super quick because others in the doll group use it as well, and then it was being used in comments as well and a lot of other people use “Blythe Meat” or “Doll Meat” instead of Meet. Since then initial thoughts of “What’s going on?”, it’s become more of a regular thing. I still don’t use it (mostly because my brain refuses to let me type Blythe Meat instead of Blythe Meet in an ironic fashion), but I’ve come to smile at it when it pops up on my Flickr contacts. After all, the important thing about a gathering is getting to spend time with friends, new and old, not worry about spelling of words.

What do you call your local and not-so-local gatherings of doll people? Blythe/Doll Meat or Blythe/Doll Meet?

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