A Renewed Appreciation for Petites

Written on November 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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It would be a lie if I said I’ve always been a fan of the teeny tiny Blythe counterparts – Petites. Maybe it’s the fact that their eyes don’t change colour, or the fact that they’re super small, or even the fact that I can’t readily find shoes for them. And really, if I can’t easily build a large shoe collection for them – what’s the point? Plus, not a lot of clothing options are available for them because there’s not a lot of people who sew for them (or knit, or crochet). That includes me. I find that I craft a lot more clothing options for my full-sized Blythes than I do my Petite or Middie dolls. This isn’t the say that I craft often for them, just that when I do, it’s not for the Petite or Middie… The tiny size just doesn’t make it easy to craft for them!

My first Petite that I have was a gift from a wonderful person who then became a wonderful friend. You may know her as the person who sends out Wubba Chickens out into the world to make new dolly friends. This is Pip (short for “Pipsqueak”) and she’s probably been in this exact same outfit for well over a year now.

Pip made a friend!

My second Petite has only been with me since Sunday (November 10th) and she is also my first NRFB Petite and my second LPS Petite. I still haven’t managed to get my hands on a Takara Petite, and there’s a very specific one that I still have my eyes on… But regardless, the newest dolly addition in my house is “Cold Weather Cute”, otherwise referred to as “#B1” – which I’m guessing makes her the first LPS Petite produced? Needless to say, that’s pretty awesome! But “Cold Weather Cute” may be the least imaginative (or cool) name ever… It’s almost as if Hasbro decided to take lessons from CWC when it comes to naming stock girls!

Readers, I’m pleased to introduce Shrimp. If I continue to add to my Petites clan, they will all be getting “tiny” names – I’ve always wanted to go with themed doll names, and the Petites are a great way for me to start since it’s much too late for me to do that with the Neos, and I only have one Middie at this time (and acquiring more LPS Petites would be infinitely less expensive than acquiring more Middie Blythes). Something tells me that if I’ve taken to naming dolls things like “Pipsqueak” and “Shrimp”, I should probably not be allowed to name real human children or other mammals.

Needs a name! My other LPS Blythe is "Pip" (short for Pipsqueak)

I’ve found that I’ve grown more fond of Petites, the more that I see them in pictures and Petites are a fantastic size to have a stealth Blythe on you without making it easy for people to notice… It’s much easier to hide a Petite in a bag than it is a Neo!

3 Responses to “A Renewed Appreciation for Petites”

  1. Margo says:

    Congrats! Cold weather cute was my first LPS Blythe (although I found her naked in a thrift store) Your Pip is adorable with her Wubba. I agree with you, there is not nearly enough shoes to be found! 🙂

  2. Heather AKA @littlebearries

    Hahaha, I have the same problem with naming, always something cute, but maybe not so much people appropriate XD

    I had the same feelings towards Petites at first, but same as you, they won me over. LOL.

  3. Pam says:

    I just recently discovered the LPS Petites… I have about 7 of them new in box… and 2 that were gifted to me. They are so cute!

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