QOTW: Thoughts on Boy Blythes?

Written on December 9, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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My Barbie growing up never had a boyfriend – there was no Ken in the house, nor was there an appropriately sized male doll to take Ken’s place. Officially, Blythe is a star like Barbie. Sure, she’s got some younger sisters – but there is no official boy Blythe around. Blythe is to Barbie as Middie is to Skipper and Petite is to Kelly. But what of the Ken counterpart?

Boy Blythe custom on the right by Debby/lace52000.

Many customizers, both new and old to the craft, have tried their hands at revamping the style of a Blythe to look more masculine, or just young and boyish. The first thing that definitely needs to go is the stock Blythe body – after all, a boy Blythe doesn’t need a girlish figure. But what other options are there for doll bodies? Licca is out, so is the Neemo bodies that I have seen (unless there is a male version that I’ve never seen?). I’ve seen several customs that have actually used Bratz Boy bodies to seal the deal. Bonus? Bratz Boys can be found at thrift stores, and I’ve definitely seen bags (and bags, and bags) of Bratz Boys (and Girls) shoes available. Yes, they are oddly peg-legged, but one cannot be picky when it comes to finding a body that works for the doll’s new gender.

Like with all custom work, I can always appreciate the time, effort and skill that went into changing a Blythe from girl to boy. Because it is a skill that not everyone can successfully pull off. Trying to make a doll look more boyish is hard, especially with a face like Blythe’s. For me and my collection, I don’t think I’ll be adding a custom boy doll. It’s like with a lot of custom work – it’s far better for me to appreciate it than attempt to own due to cost and how I see new comers fitting into the existing family.

Blythes will be like the Barbies I had when I was younger – all girls and no boys allowed!

What are your thoughts on boy Blythes?

3 Responses to “QOTW: Thoughts on Boy Blythes?”

  1. Pam says:

    I saw somewhere a customizer sanded down the chest of a body somehow… I don’t remember where I saw it. I have seen some pretty cute boy blythes on the net, no idea where though lol!

  2. HappyCatz says:

    Blythe boy dolls….meh. I’ve seen a FEW that managed to pull off the gender swap, but the face is STILL decidedly GIRL! I saw one by a VERY sought after doll artist for like $1600.00 US….and STILL thought,” IF I bought it, I’d change it back to a girl!”

    When all is said and done, MOST boy Blythe dolls end up looking more TomBoy than boy….or worse, they look like gender confused transgendered dollies. Most customizers will use a male Obitsu 23/25 cm body….

  3. Moko says:

    The Azone boy body is probably the best because of how solid it is – to balance that heavy Blythe head- but I have never been happy with any of the possible color matches and reluctant to airbrush a head. I’m currently considering using an Icy as a male pal for Blythe, but the head is very pink.
    US male 1/6 dolls all seem to be “bull-necked.” I will look into the Everafter High guys, but I suspect the body will be too lightweight and too thin to look right. It’s too darn bad that Barbie’s friends no longer include little brothers, as I have a tan Blythe that looks good on a n ’80s Skipper body.

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