QOTW: Stock or Licca or …?

Written on September 17, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Most of my dolls have their stock Takara bodies (or Kenner bodies, in the case of some vintage girls). The notable exception is a custom Blythe that I have that is on a Licca body. I had Licca bodies (no heads) around before, but I wasn’t really fond of them all that much. Their torso are shaped differently, their noodle-like legs bothered me as there were no knees! Their arms, even with a bend where an elbow should be, look funny to me. Limbs shouldn’t bend like they’re on a wire!

But despite having a funny chest and noodle limbs, I left the Licca body on my custom girl. Partly because she came with it and partly because I was a wee bit concerned as to what kind of damage I could accidentally inflict onto her by accident. And I’ve grown to like it!

It’s definitely has more posing capabilities than Takara bodies, but there’s the con in that when sitting her down she’s likely to flop over. Takara arms are great in which they act as two of the legs in a tripod while the rest of her body acts like the third. I’m still not that fond of the overall shape of her torso or how the cleavage line seems to go way higher than what is natural on a human. I still find it funny or off that her legs have no clearly defined joint when you bend her ‘knees’, but overall I’ve grown to accept these little quirks in the Licca body, but I’m still a stock Takara body fan!

I haven’t had the chance to really interact with a Pure Neemo body, of any variety, but I think they look fantastic in photos (and they have joints!) but I think all of the little pieces would become an annoyance to me, especially as I think I’d be a bit paranoid over losing a piece or two if I were to bring a girl out on a Pure Neemo body.

What kind of body do you prefer your Blythes to have?

4 Responses to “QOTW: Stock or Licca or …?”

  1. Meg says:

    I admit it, I am a Licca convert. The dolls look younger and OMG, tights go on SO easy. Plus, over half my clan is BL and they look weird on Takaras.

    I think though that stock, unmodified dolls sometimes look strange on Liccas…some dolls/photographers can pull it off, but sometimes it just looks weird LOL.

  2. fae says:

    I love Licca arms on a Takara body!

  3. TJ says:

    My favourite body for Blythe is definitely the Obitsu body. It’s the one with best posing capabilities, and it’s durable (pure neemo looks very cute and has the same movility, but tends to come apart easily after some use). Obitsu is also taller, and looks more natural in photos. The only disadvantage is that a small fix is necesary to adjust the Head to the body, but it’s easily solved!

  4. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    I’ve always wanted to get a Licca body for one of my girls, but I am intimidated to buy something I am unfamiliar with! But I really like the sweet, innocent look they bring to Blythes. I like Takara stock bodies, too!

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