QOTW: How do you decide who (or what) to sell?

Written on February 3, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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There comes a time in any collector’s life that you begin to wonder if you just have too much stuff. (Or maybe it’s just me…) There are people who always seem to be selling dolls, circulating out the old to bring in the new. Ways to justify it to themselves that yes, it’s okay to buy another pricey custom doll because they just sold one, albeit one that wasn’t nearly as expensive but she did sell!

After talking to some people, it’s interesting to see how they decide which doll to sell:

  • Last one in is the first the go
  • Whoever hasn’t had a photo taken in the longest period of time
  • The most expensive one (for those looking to free up some funds)

And it doesn’t just go for dolls, there’s a whole marketplace out there for clothes and shoes and assorted accessories. There is a huge mentality of buying and selling. A little bit like “keeping up” with other people because they are always buying new things, so why shouldn’t you? Well, there are a lot of reasons why someone should or should not buy something – the ability to afford to spend that money ranks very high on the list of reasons of why you should (or shouldn’t) buy that designer doll dress.

Wheee, I got a dolly in my hand
This one is clearly a keeper!

I recently decided to go through the very large amount of doll things that I have to figure out what I should or should not keep. Not the dolls themselves, mind you, but the doll things. Like a dress that I don’t recall buying that I don’t think fits with the style of any of my dolls? That goes into the selling pile. The shiny gold dress that I coveted from afar and did a happy dance when I managed to snag it in a quick Etsy update? Keeper! I did that with the shoes too. I have a lot of doll shoes, and I don’t need that many. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a lie… I do need that many. But it’s probably not necessary to have that many pairs of tiny shoes. And if you were to ask Sophie, all the shoes are necessary. It’s a good thing I don’t ask her for advice on what should stay and what should go, I’d never get rid of anything to make room for something new.

How do you decide who (or what) to sell?

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  1. Yuen Wen Quan says:

    I have a blythe doll gentle river not opened. to sell ppl but I do not know where to find buyer 🙁 and suggestion and tips for me to locate them? Will be In hongkong this 3 Mar to 7 Mar. I stay in Singapore.

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