The Cheerful Brightheads

Written on June 20, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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While pretty much every most days I’m all about Prim the Kenners, it’s always nice to give some recognition to some of the other dolls that live here as well! So what better way to show some love than to focus on the three most brightly-coloured haired dolls that I have? In case you haven’t seen their photos before here on BlytheLife, here is (from left to right): Mollie (Molybdenum), Moxie, and Minnow. (Mollie and Moxie are the fraternal twins, Minnow just happens to have equally bright hair.)


The thing about having super bright, highlighter worthy hair is that I cannot help but smile when I see them. Ever so cheerful and sunshiney bright, I love the bright saturated colours, and how also how they look together. Out of my entire doll family, these are the only three that have brightly coloured locks. While I do have other dolls with fantasy-coloured hair (Tertiary Jane is a Simply Peppermint, and Sophie the CapChat has silver coloured hair – not completely unnatural for a person or doll to have, but she’s a young’un), these are the bright ones, whom I cheerfully refer to as my little brightheads.

Highlighters to match!

Do you have brightly-coloured fantasy haired Blythes? Do you happen to give equally ridiculous names to your brightly-coloured fantasy haired dolls like I do?

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