QOTW: How do you determine personalities?

Written on June 23, 2014 at 1:00 pm by Michelle
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When I was little, my Barbies had personalities. These personalities always changed though, depending on the story that was being told with me. If I recall correctly, my Barbies also had constantly changing names. In part because I got bored with old names, and also because I kept forgetting what I named them previously. My Blythes, in contrast, keep their names. Sophie will always be Sophie, Eden will always be Eden, Minnow will always be my little Minnow. And their personalities? I just can’t see Sophie as being anything else but a little fashionista with big dreams to walk for ‘big name’ dolly designers. Eden will always be my pink-loving little one. And Minnow… Minnow is still a bit shy about showing me her personality, but I trust that it will come in time.

232/365 - So...
Sophie & Eden Mouse.

I form personalities based on my dolls’ look,s, but also what they remind me of. Eden, from the point I saw her little bob-cut, reminded me a lot of how I looked as a young child. And since she also came with a horrible factory stock hair-cut (uneven bangs, uneven sides) reminded me even more so of me because I had cut my own bangs at a very young age. It was awful. And it is what gave Eden her little-girl personality. Sophie gained her personality pretty quick. This was partially because she was my 365 girl and was clearly in need of some kind of attitude, and her long silver locks just screamed ‘diva’ to me. But I toned her down just a smidgen, because I don’t think anyone could deal with Sophie at her most attitude-filled moments.

How do you determine personalities for your Blythes?

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