Binge Shopping

Written on June 25, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Sometimes I binge shop for Blythe stuff. Actually, that’s probably a lie. I always binge shop when it comes to Blythe stuff. A couple of shirts here, a few dresses there, and a handful of dolly shoes. All at a time. And then I go through this process of eagerly awaiting for the post to arrive because I get Really Excited over the prospect of getting fun packages in the mail – even if I pay for the pleasure of it. I do this frequently. My doll shopping comes in spurts, because I buy a bunch of stuff, and then I go through the process of waiting for it to all arrive, then I’m simultaneously happy about getting mail and not-so happy when I have to go and pay off my credit card bill. So I sulk a bit, and tell myself to not spend so much again! Until the next time, that is.

Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. It isn’t so much that I cannot afford it, because I always make sure that I have enough for my mandatory expenses, and when possible, I buy direct from the seamstresses of tiny clothing. I find that I am always late to the party when it comes to sundries coming up for sale on Facebook or Blythe Kingdom, so that is rarely ever an option for me!

I have a tiny collection of unopened tiny clothes #littleworksofart

Right now I’m in the ‘lull’ period. In my last shopping binge, I bought two dresses, and two tops for the Blythes. And that’s not even counting the other pieces of clothing I’d bought for them previously that they haven’t even worn yet! With BlytheCon on the horizon, I’m resisting from buying until then. At least I’ll be saving on shipping then, and it’ll be a nice splurge with great memories attached to it. On the brightside, whomever I bring down to Seattle with me will have the opportunity to debut new outfits. And we all know how much I love pairing shoes with great dolly clothes!

Am I the only one who goes through the process of ‘binge’ shopping for dolls and dolly things?

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  1. Dollutional says:

    I’m trying to resist. But it seems like such a “score” when you can land that great dress. I’m “late to the party” — many times on the forums or FB. My “sent you a pm” is usually followed by “sorry someone else got that”…. Right now, I’m “trying to be good” and being on a “dolly dress diet” — I saw that phrase where someone says she’s “on a dolly diet” — Love that.

    I’ve definitely spent more on “stuff” than on dolls at this point — that’s why I fear venturing into the customs arena.

  2. Tracy says:

    I definitely binge! The worst part is that a lot of times, beautiful things sit unopened in my dolly box. I’m trying to make a point of immediately putting my purchases onto dolls instead of stowing them away for later. 🙂

  3. chun AKA @puppy52

    I’m terribly guilty as charged… I stopped buying stuff for a few months and was happy I was being good until I broke the streak in May…. UGH… feels like I’m buying things at a vengence.. doesn’t help things I want keep showing up!!! Somebody stop me! 😛

  4. Katie says:

    My spending habits in general are irresponsible at best, so when it comes to Blythe I have a very hard time not buying constantly. At any given time there are probably at least 3 things in the mail. I’ve recently (like, in the last 2 days, does that even count?) slowed it down again, as I do have little dry spells (thank God) but I’m sure I’ll back on etsy soon enough.

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