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Written on July 11, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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It’s been pointed out to me, on multiple occasions, that I showcase the same few dolls over and over again on BlytheLife. Sophie, Prim (Primrose) and Eden Mouse get a lot of ‘screen time’, as it were. But there are more than three dolls who live here, and perhaps it is time for all of them to get a little bit of the spotlight on them! So I will be doing a small mini-series on Who Lives Here – very aptly named, yes? – and it will stay small provided that I don’t suddenly add a lot of new dolls to the family. Which I’m hoping doesn’t happen. (And at the same time, I kinda hope I suddenly win the lottery and it does…)

To be honest, it didn’t really occur to me that I almost always use photos of the same few dolls, mostly because I see all of them on a daily basis, as they live on my desk, so it didn’t really dawn to me that not everyone gets to enjoy all of their sweet, round faces. But, because I can, I will be starting off with one of the dolls that will be going with me to BlytheCon 2014 in Seattle. She also had the pleasure of attending BlytheCon 2011 in Portland.

This is Eden Mouse:

Eden: Do you think I have enough pink things to get through 365?

She is a mostly stock Punkaholic People. She’s had her chips changed, aside from her stock pinks, and she also has been gaze lifted, and her string is pink with a pink pull ring. She only wears pink. This has occasionally led to arguments between her and the other dolls (namely Sophie, and occasionally some of the Kenners) over who can wear what first.

87/365 - Why can't I wear both ALL the time?

Eden was perpetually the youngest one in the family, in terms of how I view her. She now shares this honour with Minnow, my Hi-Ho! Marine (but more on her later). She enjoys pink, dresses, tea parties, and wants to eat cotton candy all the time. She is also the reason why I have well over 20 pairs of pink doll shoes. In turn, she has also subtly influenced me as I seem to have more pink things in my life, without even consciously collecting it all.


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