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Written on September 4, 2015 at 1:00 pm by Michelle
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Who Lives Here is a little feature on BlytheLife to shine the spotlight on the dolls that live with me! Here’s to you, and me, getting to know my dolls a little bit better.

This is Cameo. She is Blythe #15 of 15 in the doll family (if we are not counting Middies… and we are not counting Middies).


Cameo’s name with her previous owner was Lola, which I opted to change because that’s what I do. I opted for Cameo because I thought it’d be nice if she and Halo (my first Friends With Blythe custom) shared names from the same origin (Greek). She arrived just over a year ago, on August 30th, 2014. She happens to be my second custom doll, and my second Friends With Blythe custom. Her base doll was Ichigo Heaven (RBL) and she is my only full-size Blythe with pink hair. Cameo is, however, not my only dolly with pink hair as Lydia Melbourne (Yellow Marshmallow – Middie) has pink and white hair.



I happened to snag a kitty covered Plastic Fashion dress in 2014 and the first Blythe to wear it was Cameo. It was after I put it on her in September that I decided that she was a cat lady. She will wear other clothing, she isn’t set on wearing clothing covered in cats (not like Eden Mouse with pink!), but she’s just so cute in kitty clothes!

While she has been in the family for a year, I haven’t quite sussed out much of her personality aside from the fact that she really likes cats. She may also like Neko Atsume (because I really like it!), she’s not terribly fond of the colour pink (much to Eden’s pleasure), and I feel like she is just fairly easy going overall. It probably helps that she was verbally assaulted by Eden upon first arrival due to the pink.


I briefly considered using Cameo for my third attempt at 365, but I also realized that if I did choose her that I’d be tempted to buy all the cat themed doll clothes and that wouldn’t be feasible right now (even though it’d be really cute).

What really drew me to Cameo when I first saw photos of her was her hair and the beautiful custom work – her pink freckles! I love her itty bitty pink freckles! There’s just something wonderful about her and I love being about to look up from my laptop and see her hanging out on my shelf. She’s just a very bright and positive Blythe to have around and that makes her awesome.

Cameo’s wearing: top/Dutch Blythe Fashion, leggings/Endangered Sissy.
Halo’s wearing: dress/unknown.
Lydia Melbourne’s wearing: dress/chelleshocks.

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  1. Ollie says:

    My flat out favourite of your girls ( hopefully Eden and Sophie don’t read the comments section…^_^)!

    • Michelle AKA @blythelifecom

      Aww, thank you!! 😀 I’m quite a big fan of Cameo, but Eden and Sophie (and also Prim!!) will need to be kept from reading your comment!

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