QOTW: What is your favourite Blythe body type?

Written on August 18, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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With so many choices of bodies available, it’s no wonder that people like to have the option of swapping out the stock Blythe body for something that is a little bit more different. From Licca to Pure Neemo to Obitsu, there are so many options out there. My personal favourite is actually the stock Blythe body (Excellence). All of my dolls, except for my custom doll, are on the original stock bodies (or a hybrid – two of my Kenners have Kenner tops and Takara bottoms). My custom darling, Halo, came to me on a Licca body and it just seems to ‘fit’ for her, because she has been altered from her original state.

A little bit neglected
One thing I do love about Licca bodies, over stock bodies, is that they’re a lot better for holding things.

What is your favourite Blythe body type?

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  1. Chun AKA @puppy52

    I actually like the takara bodies lol, the licca body is nice for a child like feeling but a bit floppy. Takara bodies are sturdy enough most of the time to carry the big head ^^

  2. SonjeB says:

    I like the Pure Neemo Flection bodies best. But to me, the body sort of depends on the personality of my doll. I have one doll on a Licca, which seems to suit her very well (although I have been thinking of putting the Licca arms on her original Takara body). Another doll, my pretty-girl, is on a Pure Neemo size small. She is breath-taking with this more womanly body. My “preteen” girl is on a Pure Neemo size XS. They really do seem to fit each personality perfectly.

    I find the Licca to be really nice and sturdy, however. The PN Small is fairly sturdy if you attach the head properly. The PN XS is pretty slight, however. It poses really well if the head isn’t too heavy with hair, however. My ADG just couldn’t do it. The head was heavier.

  3. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    I prefer the stock Takara bodies, really! I guess I am one of those people who keeps their girls mostly stock. But some girls really seem to cry out for a Licca body, and I see why people like them. I agree with SonjeB, it’s a personality thing! 🙂

    (Just a personal preference, but bodies that are too jointed and poseable seem really wrong to me on Blythes, where it starts to reach that “these looks creepy” uncanny valley place for me, so I’m pretty turned off by them.)

  4. Heather AKA @claribari

    Die hard Licca fan! Their feet fit all of the Takara shoes better than the takara feet do. 🙂 I am a stock shoe obsessed freak, so this is very important to me. I also love their bendy arms, because they hold onto things AND because they can put their hands in the lovely BA pockets!

  5. Andreja says:

    I’ve started my doll collection with articulated fashion dolls (Fashion Royalty) and when I bought my first Blythe the Pure Neemo body was the obvious option 🙂 But I agree with previous posts – It’s a matter of doll’s personality – Takara and Licca bodies suits younger (or even child like) looking Blythes, while a Pure Neemo seems a bit more mature.

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