QOTW: Your reasons for splurging?

Written on January 19, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Getting mail is the best! Getting mail that isn’t a bill is even better. Part of the reason why I do go on small splurges throughout the year when it comes to dolls and dolly things because it is just a lot of fun to get mail sometimes – even if I do have to pay for it myself. Getting mail is fun, and it can be even more fun when you end up buying from people who take care in wrapping. Sometimes that little bit of extra care can go a long way in making it a fun experience. I also tend to remember about the care and tidiness because it’s part of the overall shopping experience.

20150119Cameo (FWB Custom) falls under category 4. The cameo for Cameo falls under category 5.
Cameo wears Plastic Fashion.

I splurge when:

  1. Something great happens in real life (e.g. finishing a term and maintaining my GPA)
  2. Something great occurs without any real effort from me (a.k.a. my birthday)
  3. It’s been a while since I’d gotten anything in the mail that wasn’t my credit card bill
  4. Something really special pops up and I honestly don’t think that I would ever have another chance at it
  5. Something affordable pops up that I decide that I really want, because why not?

What has really helped curb my spending a lot is actually getting a magazine subscription. I prepaid, so I don’t get more lines on my bills, but I still get exciting! happy! mail once a month – which is pretty cool too. (For those curious, I had a subscription to a crafts magazine, so it’s extra excitement and happiness for me.) That and whenever I think about buying something, my conscious is asking if I really need something. Things that save my sanity (like storage containers) are a-okay in my book. Yet another doll dress? Probably not something that’s “needed”. And yes, I can totally hear Sophie shouting that I’m completely and utterly wrong about this because doll dresses are necessities in life. Apparently.

What are your reasons for splurging?

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  1. Pauleen Potter AKA @PauleenPotter

    I splurge when:
    1. I travel and I know I won’t find the items back home
    2. A Sailor Moon must have product is released
    3. I need to calm my doll addiction

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