QOTW: Carrying a doll on a regular basis?

Written on February 2, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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My perpetual shyness when it comes to pulling out a doll in the public has been well documented on BlytheLife. I tend to feel self-conscious unless I’m around other people. Strength (and safety!) in numbers, after all. I don’t tend to carry around a Blythe on a regular basis. They’re fairly expensive, they’re also quite big (and take up a lot of room in my bag), and plus I don’t always have the opportunity to pull a doll out for photos. Despite the last part, I do find it comforting to occasionally have a doll with me.


My regular travel buddy does change from time to time. Occasionally it is a Petite, sometimes it’s a Petworks Usaggie and then there’s my Hujoo Nano Freya (super fun – but still without a name!). Sometimes it’s nice to carry around a doll that’s smaller than a Neo or a Kenner… Don’t let them know that I said that.

Do you carry a doll around on a regular basis? (And who is it?)

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  1. RagingMoon1987 says:

    I got a Hujoo Berry a couple of weeks ago. My intention is to make her my travel doll, since she’s small, flexible, and lightweight.

  2. Pauleen Potter AKA @PauleenPotter

    I only carry dolls when I travel. I tend to choose one that’s small and easy to keep safe in a box. It has also happened that if I know in advance that I’m purchasing a doll during my trip, I’ll usually buy her on the first day so she can pose for all my pictures. I’d rather photograph a doll than a human, lol

  3. Heather AKA @littlebearries

    I’ve almost always got a Pure Neemo with me XD

  4. Heather AKA @claribari

    When I was working at a mostly judge-free place, I used to bring Blythes all the time. I didn’t always keep them out, as it was a public space (retail) but they would hang out in my locker, occasionally pop out to the floor, etc. I had a shirt pocket, so I used to put mini lalaloopsy dolls in there with their heads poking out…the kids of the folks I helped used to love it. Haha.

    Now that I’m in a very judgmental and negative environment, I am almost afraid to bring dolls with me. If I do, I hide them before I use the bathroom, fearful that someone will take or hurt them 🙁 There are days where I sneak them here and don’t let anyone know they are with me…since I can’t take them out, they sometimes just sit in a carry case within my train bag ALL day, but I agree…I do feel comforted just knowing they are there!

    When I want a little dolly comfort I wear a mab cameo. <3 (the lovely people here make rude comments about those too…*sigh*)

  5. Kits AKA @kitsyfield

    I love this post and the comments! It’s so timely because I’ve only recently shared my Blythe love withva few of my colleagues. I received a few raised eyebrows, but for the most part, my colleagues have found her darling! As for public photography, I say, go for it! I’ve been super nervous taking my girls out at the airport, shopping, etc. But again, I’ve received such awesome responses. It’s my way, I think, of introducing Blythe to the rest of the world.

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