My Non-Blythe Doll Family

Written on May 6, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Collecting Blythe has led me down the path of collecting other dolls. People in this community have influenced me in a variety of ways, being able to see other types of dolls beyond Blythe (and Middie, and Petites) has led me to acquiring an assortment of dolls.

From the more commercially-available standpoint, I have some Monster High dolls (5 out of the box, 2 NRFB) and a My Little Pony Equestria Girl doll (still in box…). What I would love to eventually do is get the rest of the MLP girls to complete the ‘set’.


There’s my BJD, Joy, that would be an on topic BJD for a certain online forum, she is a Doll Leaves Ding Ding (16cm):


Then there’s Kanin, my Petworks Usaggie, and my Hujoo Nano Freya in light gray, whom is oddly still without a name:


Who do you have in your doll family that’s not a Blythe?

3 Responses to “My Non-Blythe Doll Family”

  1. Pauleen Potter AKA @PauleenPotter

    Besides Blythe, I am collecting all the Sailor Moon Pullip dolls. I have a regular Pullip too and other dolls from Groove: Dal, Byul, Little Pullip, Little Dal, J-doll, and Ai-doll. I have a Dollcena, a Coco Doll, Heroic Rendezvous, and Tangkou. I have recently completed the Disney Animator’s Collection and have a couple of other Disney Princess dolls. Of course I own a few Barbies, most of them from my childhood days. In my doll family you will also find: Monster High, Lalaloopsy, BFC Inc, Moxie Girlz, Moxie Teenz, Bratzillaz, LaDeeDa, Liv, Strawberry Shortcake, Little Miss Matched, and Distroller. My most recent acquisition is a 24 inch bjd from Dream of Doll.

  2. Ziggiey says:

    Besides my blythe, I also have 2 monster high, a couple barbies, a Jenny, and my favorite besides my blythe, a Fulla doll.

  3. addie says:

    Susie Sad eyes, Peteena, Emerald Witch, Moof 🙂

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