Easter Egg Hunt!

Written on April 3, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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There are three Easter eggs hidden around BlytheLife right now and they look like these:


If you find one, email me the location at!

Here’s a few tidbits about this Easter Egg Hunt on

  • If you’re the first one to find an egg and email me with the location (the complete URL of the post) of the egg, you will win a specially made pastel coloured dolly sweater.
  • The sweaters will be randomly assigned to winners and sent out.
  • This Easter Egg Hunt is open to international participants.
  • If you have found an egg and I confirm that you are the first to find it (and therefore you are now a Winner), please leave the other eggs for other Egg Hunters.

Details on the sweaters: I have no photos for you right now, they are in the creative process of being made! The sweaters may be solid coloured, or there may be patterns. They may have long sleeves, or short sleeves, or even no sleeves. I’m not sure yet, but it’s going to be awesome. Here’s a photo of the yarn, pre-sweater making:


Locations to the hidden Easter eggs and the winners will be revealed on Monday, April 6th. You have until 12pm Pacific on Sunday, April 5th to find them. If any of the eggs are not found, the sweater(s) will be kept for a later giveaway.

If you’ve spotted one Easter egg (and I’ve confirmed that you are the first to find it), please leave the other eggs for other people.

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