Real Life Meets Blythe

Written on June 5, 2015 at 2:30 pm by Michelle
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Sometimes it is hard to find time for Blythe because of real life situations. Case in point, during midterms ‘week’ or finals ‘week’ (and, let’s face it, midterms and finals were never contained to a single week!) I spent a lot less time with my dolls. During the holidays and I’m going from one party to another another and then out for dinner with relatives that I primarily regularly see in December? Not going to spend a lot of time with the dolls either. It can be difficult to carve out some time for hobbies, like Blythe, because other things just seem a bit more pressing. And, if we are going to be perfectly honest, some of those things are a lot more pressing. Going to your job, or spending time with your significant other/children/other family/pets, or going to the grocery store so you actually have breakfast for the morning. These are all important things. So where does Blythe fall in the general pecking order of things? Do I just not spend the time on Blythe because other things are more important? Don’t be silly!


It’s important to me that I spend a little bit of time each week (not necessarily each day, I don’t think that I could manage that) doing something with my dolls. Why? Because it’s a hobby, it’s an outlet for me, and I like spending time with my dolls. If I didn’t, I should probably considering selling them then!

The time that I carve out for Blythe time isn’t the same every week. Sometimes it’s an afternoon where I am tired of studying, so I decide to try out different outfit combinations on a doll. Sometimes I have a moment of inspiration for a blog post for BlytheLife so I scribble the idea down on a notepad so I can get to it later when I don’t actually have something more pressing to do. For instance, I am writing this current post about making time for Blythe during a lovely Monday afternoon while having a cup of tea.

It’s important to make time for the things that matter – like cooking, or spending time with loved ones. But it’s also important to make the time for your creative and fun outlets because nothing wears a person out more than doing nothing but ‘what you have to do’ without anything fun in the mix.

It can be hard to find time for Blythe, but it doesn’t have to be a lot of time every week. 30 minutes spent changing outfits can be fun and rewarding! If a few minutes rearranging who sits where on a little couch is enough to make you smile, then that makes it worth it – because a happy hobby should be indulged in whenever you can.

Cameo’s wearing: dress/Puppy52Dolls in BlytheCon Vancouver fabric, tights/Endangered Sissy.

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