QOTW: Do you buy patterns for Blythe?

Written on October 12, 2015 at 1:00 pm by Michelle
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I have many collections that came to be because of Blythe. The shoes, the ribbons, the miniatures. I’m sure if I really thought about it, I could even connect washi tape to Blythe (I originally created an Instagram account due to Blythe friends, and some Blythe friends post photos of their washi tape collections and planner addictions, which led to my washi tape collection – that was a very easy connect-the-dots for me, actually!). And then there are the doll clothing patterns.

Let us forget that I rarely, rarely sew for Blythe, and how I’m kind of bad at sewing in straight lines, and the necessarily supplies add up when it comes to considering prices (the thread and the notions and the fabric, oh my!) – and then there are the patterns.


I’m not even entirely sure how this collection came to be, I’m sure it started off innocently enough and eventually just ballooned out of proportions with my sewing capabilities. But ballooned it did and now I have way too many Doll Coordinate Recipe books for someone who has a sewing machine that is gathering dust more often than not. I am, without a doubt, a collector of doll clothing pattern books – a curator of my own sewing pattern bookshelf (or part of a bookshelf). I do love flipping through them though, and gathering inspiration of what I would one day like to accomplish and create. These books have beautiful photography of what the pattern should look like. Should being the operative word as when I have attempted some patterns in the past, they have not turned out quite like I wanted them to…

Do you buy clothing patterns for Blythe? (Or Middie, or Petites?)

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  1. Gochemoche says:

    I love Japanese craft books. So when I got into dolls it was inevitable that I would get theSe books. These series are really well made. I don’t have the one you have in these photos. But I have a few others and I love them. I sew for my dolls using these books and other sources. And like you said they are fun to look for inspiration 🙂 Also these books include patterns for different types of dolls. So when I buy the book for my Blythe I am not neglecting my JDoll :))

  2. Pauleen Potter AKA @PauleenPotter

    I’ve been tempted to buy Japanese sewing books for dolls. The outfits are gorgeous and Japanese patterns in general are very well made and easy to follow. Perhaps sometime soon I’ll purchase one, now that I’m more confident with my sewing skills. Not so long ago, I bought a Simplicity pattern that seemed very versatile as it included instructions for various garments for 3 different dolls sizes. I still have to put it to the test.

  3. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    I definitely do! I haven’t had much opportunity to pick up Dolly Recipe Books or similar, but I have grabbed them when I have been fortunate enough to find them. That said, I haven’t made much from them yet! I have mostly used them as inspiration, though I’m hoping to make a project out of using the actual patterns this coming year.

    • Michelle AKA @blythelifecom

      The photography in those books are gorgeous, I quite love flipping through and daydream about one day maybe making something from them 😉

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