QOTW: How has Blythe taken over your life?

Written on August 12, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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My girls at the meet

I was briefly considering how things have changed in my life since I started collecting Blythe dolls and all their little clothing, shoes and accessories. I got my first doll in 2009, back when I had zero clothing for dolls that weren’t Barbie, and it’s just gone up from there. Whenever I go shopping for yarn or fabric, I take into consideration the scale of the print or the weight of the yarn. When I really considered things, Blythe has changed my life a lot (for the better).

I own books about Blythe now – clothing pattern books and otherwise, as well as a lot of sewing things (despite not using them as much as I could), and a lot more sock yarn or thinner. I don’t knit enough socks to justify the amount of sock yarn that I have, but I have actually knitted more in general since Blythe has come into my life. Along with sewing, crocheting and I buy a lot more doll shoes now. This is especially true when you consider that I didn’t buy any doll shoes for myself until my late teens/early twenties – mostly because there was no use for me to buy doll shoes. But now there is, so I have way too many pairs of doll shoes. (Sophie says “There’s no such thing as ‘too many’ when it comes to shoes!”). I do want to craft a lot more when it comes to my dolls, mostly because when one doesn’t have a regular income source, it’s a smart idea to not buy as much as one is inclined to do when it comes to dolls and dolly things…

How has Blythe taken over your life?

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  1. Kimberly AKA @MaidenCanada

    I would say she has changed what I get for Christmas, Birthdays and other gifts in general. I always collected Barbie but left them in box…so like you collecting shoes boots and clothes is a weekly occurrence. I frequent toy sections looking for deals on little accessories and often check out vintage stores or goodwill for doll items. I also bought a bunch of the ikea furniture sets.

  2. Karen says:

    Blythe has brought a lot of joy to my life. They are just so cute and fun!
    It has expanded my love of all things knit and crochet by giving me another creative outlet for both crafts. I was surprised to realize how much stuff I’ve accumulated for the dollies in such a short time.
    I’ve got to get organized and downsize the things that the girls are not wearing or using. Thanks for a great post!

  3. SonjeB says:

    Good question! Since discovering Blythe, I haven’t bought (or even wanted) one thing for me. It’s all about the dollies and whatever they need. I also spend much more time sewing because that is why I bought them, to sew cute little dresses and accessories. Of course, they all need their own room, so they have taken over the bookcase almost completely. When my family visits, they are more interested in seeing the dolls than me. Also, I’ve made some really nice friends through dolly meet-ups.

    I also think of little else besides my dolls and what I can make for them or buy them. But it’s okay. It makes me happy. And, as a good friend who has passed on always told me, “Be happy. It’s important.”

  4. Nancy says:

    I would have to say that, more than anything, Blythe has really challenged my creativity. I have found myself participating in hand-made clothing swaps and learning how to make teeny tiny outfits and accessories..something that was waaay beyond my comfort level before. My sewing skills have improved 1000% and I have been designing my own knitting patterns.

    Dolls have definitely taken over my house, lol. I always liked different types of dolls but none ever really “stuck” before Blythe. In just over two years I have gone from “maybe I’ll get just one” to 28 full size and 8 middies in the house! And then there’s the clothes…fortunately I make most of them but the shoes..!! I will be bankrupted on the back of little plastic shoes, ha ha. On the flip side I no longer spend a lot on yarn. Instead of buying tens of balls for human-sized sweaters I am now buying just one little skein at a time for plastic princess wear. And I learned the ins and outs of Etsy with my own little shop to help fund this crazy obsession!

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