QOTW: Is your collection what you imagined it to be?

Written on August 15, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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When I first started collecting Blythe dolls, I thought that Kenners were grossly overrated (and overpriced) and that customs were some kind of far-fetched dream for me because who pays $300+ for a doll. Yes, back when I first started in the hobby (2009), I saw beautiful customs being priced at $300-400 and thought that was grossly expensive.

Little did I know that the norm by 2015 would be that they start at the lovely price of $500 and only go up from there!


Fast forward to 2016, and I own three of those “overrated” and “overpriced” Kenners. I wouldn’t trade them for anything because I’ve since been enchanted by their vintage charm. I also own two custom Blythes, which I was lucky on because I didn’t spend over $500 each on them (the perks of buying custom dolls secondhand for customizers that aren’t the current trending artist – not that there is anything wrong with buying the work of who is hot right now! If I could afford it, I totally would). But back in 2009 when I went from buying a Cappuccino Chat in June and a Love Mission a mere month later? I did not imagine and could not imagine buying a Kenner or custom, because that was something that I always thought was out of my reach. It wasn’t something that I thought that I would be able to afford or even something that would be within my purchasing power.


At the time, I also didn’t see myself owning a BL (they cost many pretty pennies, even then!), any custom with a reroot, or an Ashton-Drake Galleries Blythe. BL because they were expensive, a custom with a reroot (because they were expensive), and an ADG because photos of dolls with the green undertone to the plastic was just not appealing. Funny how things change over time!

Is your Blythe collection what you imagined it to be?

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  1. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    I only have a handful of dolls, but my collection is still much, much larger than I originally envisioned! When I bought my first one, I thought that there was no possible reason I would ever want more than one – haha! Little did I know!

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