Middie Monday #15

Written on September 5, 2016 at 1:00 pm by Michelle
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Happy September! I recently was asked about the difference between Middies and Blythes, because a new member of the Blythe hobby was confused about the difference between the full-sized and Middie-sized Blythes – so here’s a little run down about the differences:


Neo Blythe – Same size as Kenner and Ashton-Drake Galleries Blythes

  • Four sets of eye chips (rotated through with a pull string)
  • Eyelids show when pull string is pulled
  • Head can only move left and right
  • Knees bend
  • 28.5cm tall

Middie Blythe

  • One set of eye chips (eyes can move from side-to-side)
  • Eye lids do not show
  • Head can move head up and down, left and right
  • Knees do not bend
  • 20cm tall

I’ve noticed that in general that Middies are less customized or sought after compared to Neo-sized Blythe, but I do believe this is because they’re less coveted despite the adorableness. Middie are definitely more pocket and purse-friendly (although not as pocket-friendly as Petite Blythe!), I find that they are less expensive compared to Neo-sized Blythe. There are more clothing patterns for Neo-sized Blythe, so there is a market for anyone who wants to design or create clothing for Middies.

Lydia Melbourne’s wearing: dress/Endangered Sissy.
Cameo’s wearing: helmet/Cakewalk Queen, dress/Plastic Fashion, leggings/Endangered Sissy.

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