Why Do You Love Blythe?

Written on September 7, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I write about Blythe a lot, it’s a bit of a known hazard when it comes to running a Blythe-centric website. For me, Blythe came into my life in an opportune time. It was the summer between my first and second year of post secondary, pretty much all of my high school friends opted to attend a different post secondary (and trust me, I do not make friends that easily), and I found myself floundering a little bit because I knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up” (a registered nurse) but I was struggling to find a clear path from points A to B. In a way, Blythe came to me when I needed something to ground me a bit more and somehow she helped. Of course, it was at that time that I swore up and down that I would only ever need just the one – and we all know how well that works out.


And now? Blythe is something beautiful in my life that has introduced me to some fantastic people. I’ve made lifelong friends and have met so many wonderful and talented people in the community. Blythe has helped me to form so many connections, it’s a wonderful hobby to be part of. After all, given the diversity in the community, I might not have met such great people otherwise.

Why do you love Blythe? Share in the comments below.

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  1. Sam says:

    I love Blythe because of the lack of discrimination I myself am about half the average collectors age – yet I feel that I am totally able to talk to the community without fear of being told I am too young to play with dolls.

  2. Hyperballad says:

    I was going through an intense period of anxiety, and I needed something to distract me. A few weeks later, I received my Mandy Cotton Candy from eBay and *whoooshhh* all my anxiety took a huge backseat for a little while.

    Like most people, my work and life can make me feel a little out of whack sometimes. Which is why Blythes are an amazing distraction.

  3. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    For me, Blythe has been such a source of inspiration. Having her to make things for has encouraged me to explore talents I might never have otherwise figured out I was interested in (writing and publishing knitting patterns, drafting sewing patterns, etc). I love that there are almost endless things to create that go along with Blythe. Part and parcel of this inspiration has been the Blythe community. I was originally introduced to her by a friend who works in the same profession I do, and since then I have met (and online “met”) so many wonderful people!

  4. Mori AKA @-

    Blythe dolls are incredibly innocent and childlike, and they aren’t as expensive as other collector’s dolls(like BJDs, for example). And just holding one or seeing one on display is comforting to me – they are just so joyful!

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