Halloween Costume Ideas

Written on October 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Halloween is a fun holiday where you get to dress up as something spooky and then collect candy from strangers. Blythes, however, are unable to go door to door soliciting sweets from people that they don’t know – but they can still dress up! Last year, one of my dolls was dressed as a squid for Halloween:

Vancouver Island Meet - October 16 2011

This year, my local Blythe group is having another Halloween meet-up! And while I don’t want to entirely spoil my girls’ costumes for the meet that is happening this weekend, here are the costume ideas that I considered (and later rejected):

  • Vampire – deemed too scary
  • Ghost – rejected due to being too generic
  • Hobbit – no one was willing to have the necessary hairy feet
  • Police officer – if you have the stock outfit from Love Mission, this is a very easy costume to pull off!
  • Ballerina – deemed not scary enough

What kind of crazy goblins and ghouls are your little angels dressing up as this year for Halloween?

Blythe On A Budget: Top 10 Halloween Costumes

Written on October 20, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Costumes are fun and it’s so much easier to buy enough fabric to come up with a costume for a doll than it is for yourself. But what is your Blythe going to go as this year? I’ve come up with a list of ideas of costumes that should be relatively inexpensive and easy to do, since you do only have 11 more days to figure out costumes for your dolls!

  1. Ghost – use tissue paper or a paper towel, drape accordingly and cut out holes for eyes.
  2. Robot – use tin foil to make a dress/outfit, remember to include a tin foil hat.
  3. Witch – use a plain black dress already owned, pair with a black construction paper witch’s hat.
  4. Card Guard (from Alice In Wonderland) – use two playing cards, tape the edges together.
  5. Alien – use green cellophane and wrap it around, be sure to use green pipe cleaner to fashion a headband with antennae.
  6. Ancient Roman – use a scrap piece of white fabric to twist and drape into a toga, use a brown pipe cleaner to make a ring to fit on top of your doll’s head, tape/glue on small leaves (real, fake, paper leaves).
  7. Black Cat – dress in all black, use a curved pipe cleaner wrapped around the waist as a tail, cut out black triangles from construction paper, attach to a headband.
  8. Vampire – use little white triangle points a teeth, wear a black cape and carry around a Re-Ment goblet (with fake blood inside!)
  9. Zombie – wear ripped and dirt-stained clothing, drool a little bit, have unkempt hair.
  10. Another Stock Blythe – steal someone’s clothing, carry your Blythe around in the stock box of the clothing’s original owner.