When Life Gives You Bunnies…

Written on May 30, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Still needs a name... I think #Usaggie is a boy...
Umm, hello there?

I wanted to do a proper introduction of the newest doll here at BlytheLife Headquarters as he finally got a name! A very short while ago, I mentioned that I had a new addition, a pink Petworks Usaggie, that was at the time nameless. But no more! The first challenging in naming him was deciding if he was a boy or a girl. First off, pink. Pink generally suggests femininity in this day and age, but something about the face just suggested ‘boy’ to me. Maybe if there was more of a curve to the smile, or if I had gotten the one that comes with painted on lashes, it’d be a different story. But I didn’t, so I decided that the new bunny on the block was a boy.

So everyone, I’m pleased to introduce Kanin!

For those that don’t know, Kanin is the Norwegian (and Swedish!) word for “rabbit”. If you want to know how to pronounce it, you can click on through to Google Translate (I already queued up the page!)

And while this is BlytheLife, it’s always fun to share all of my new additions, even if their heads aren’t oversized in comparison to their bodies.