In excess of…?

Written on July 10, 2010 at 3:00 pm by Michelle
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Sophie's tired of her stock outfit - 4/6 What are you in excess of? Do you have too many hats for your dolls? Too many pairs of shoes? (Wait, no one can ever have too many shoes, right?) Maybe you hoard every single doll’s stock pieces and never put them on anyone? What do you have too much of in your dolls’ wardrobes?

When I first started in the Blythe hobby, I had one Blythe doll and just the clothes that she came with. She wore her stock outfit for a few weeks before I broke out the knitting needles and made her a little sweater and then crocheted her a hat from some leftover yarn that I had lying around. Just over a year later, I have 6 dolls, 6 dolls worth of stock, a bag of shoes that I bought from a closet clean out, some Skipper outfits, some great clothes I got from organized group swaps and some clothes from a few dress designers.

So while I’m slowly building up the amount of shirts and pants and dresses that I have to go with the amount of dolls and shes that I own, there’s one thing that definitely sticks out to me as being the most abundant in my dolls’ wardrobes. Some people have a lot of dolls and not enough clothes. I would be the type who doesn’t have enough dolls nor enough clothes. But there’s just one thing that I have enough of that I kind of wish I didn’t have so many of…

For me, it’s definitely the hats. Especially the crocheted ones. Kind of like these ones…

All the little critters in a row.

This is probably because it’s my go-to project when I’m feeling like crafting something for Blythe. I’m a big fan of making the little crocheted helmets for my dolls and, as a consequence, I now have upwards of 30 of them. They also used to all fit neatly into a little cardboard box that I had for them, the lid no longer goes onto the box and stays closed. But I love making them, I like coming up with ears to put onto them, or different designs or what to embroider onto the surface of the hats. I like testing out different yarns – I was trying out a new yarn and wanted to try felting it, so I made a Blythe hate and felted it. I find Blythe hats to be relatively quick to make up and then it’s sort of like a not-quite-instant gratification.

So my question to you is…

What do you have an excessive amount of for your dolls (or do you have an excessive amount of dolls)? Did you make all of them or did you buy all of them?