What’s Up With: Looking Up Skirts?

Written on July 16, 2010 at 11:30 am by Michelle
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I know I’m not alone in the Blythe community as someone who brings a doll to work on occasion. I work in a cubicle, so I usually have a Blythe sitting next to my computer or sitting next to the other toys that I have on my desk. Everyone else has photographs of loved ones on their desks, or figurines, I have toys.

My coworkers are always interested in Blythe, mostly because she doesn’t look like ‘normal’ dolls (must be that giant ego, or that head). Now I’m perfectly fine with explaining to people the history behind Blythe or, as I explained to my engineering coworkers, how the eye mechanism works. What I’m not fine with is coworkers who pick up my doll and then look up her skirt or dress like it’s an everyday sort of thing to do.

Take Thursday (yesterday) for example, I got back to my desk after my lunch break and my (male) coworkers (all engineers, by the way), were at my desk and talking about my doll that I had sitting there and they were holding her with her head upwards, but the skirt of her dress was completely lifted up to expose what underwear she was wearing. Fortunately, she was wearing underwear (if it had been my Love Mission, Belarus, who goes commando, I guess they would have been even more shocked – as it was, they were pretty surprised that my Velvet Minuet, Kindred, was wearing undies).

Even my own mother has looked up the skirt of one of my dolls before. And the majority of my coworkers who notice one of my Blythes’ presence on my desk. Some people don’t even notice the pullstring or comment on the big heads before they go and turn the doll upside down to take a peek.

Has anyone else experienced this? Non-dolly people just deciding to take a look-see up the skirts or dresses of your dolls? How do you react? What do you even say to people when they do something like that? Share your experiences!