Blythe On A Budget: Storage Solutions

Written on September 29, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I bought my first Blythe in June of 2009. I had one doll, one outfit and very little else when it came to my doll. Since then, my Blythe family has grown to 6 with half of them being RBLs, 2 EBLs and a single SBL-mold Blythe. With more dolls came more clothes. With more clothes came more sewing, more crocheting and just more… stuff.

Starting out, I had a single box where I was holding their wardrobe. That single box soon ballooned out to a few other boxes, and some bags and then it became a few overflowing boxes and boxes that I had to stack on top of one another to prevent them from opening. In short, I felt like I just had a lot of stuff. (Please note, I realize that I don’t actually have a lot of stuff for my dolls compared to a lot of other people, it felt that way due to the over-stuffed containers that I had.)

About to move in... I was on the search for a new way to organize and to store my dolls’ clothes and shoes and everything else that I had for them (bits of furniture, what little Re-Ment that I have, assorted little accessories). I went on Craigslist and Freecycle to see if anyone was selling (or even giving away!) something that would work for me.

Craigslist and Freecycle are awesome ways to find new-to-you things. Please exercise caution when meeting people to get your new-to-you things. Meet in well-lit, public places with moderate foot traffic. Bring a friend, if you feel more comfortable that way. Be safe and be careful!

That, for me, was a bust. No one had what I was looking for… And then I found a sale going on a home-improvement chain store, rolling drawers with three nice, big drawers for only $10 each (marked down from $50 – which I personally thought was grossly overpriced at the original price-point).

You can find storage solutions for you dolls pretty much in a lot of different places… I know some people like using hat boxes (they come in great patterns), others (like me) like to use plastic drawers, others use boxes, some just have giant bins on the floor over filled with all sorts of fun stuff. Whatever way you decide to organize all your doll things, you can definitely find a nice and inexpensive way to do it – you can also check out various stores like local (or chain) home improvement stores, as well as dollar stores (they do have cute plastic boxes!), stores geared towards kitchen or easy living (also, more storage solutions). Unless you’re really desperate for a new way to store your doll stuff now, you can always wait it out for awesome deals.

Back-to-school times tend to have a lot of great storage items (especially if you happen to live in a college town or just somewhere close to a school with dorms…), but you shouldn’t have a problem finding discounted/clearance storage organizers for a lot of the time throughout the year. If you do decide to go with storage options from some chain craft stores, be sure to sign up for their newsletters as you can often get 40 to 50 percent-off coupons (almost every week!).

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