On spouses/significant others and Blythe

Written on December 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Blythe can be a large part of who we are. After all, as the people who own these beautiful, sassy and incredibly demanding dolls, we do a lot for them. We buy them new clothes, new shoes, we’ll find them new sisters or friends and then we start learning how to sew, knit, crochet, and how to cobble together little leather boots. Not that I have done the latter just yet, but a certain someone keeps on teasing me that he’ll find me sewing little leather bits together one day. With so much involvement that this hobby takes from us, I just have to wonder what your spouse or significant other thinks of Blythe and your hobby.

My boyfriend freaked out the first time I changed Sophie’s eyes for him. It may have been because I somehow neglected to tell him (while gushing about Blythe) that their eyes changed. And he thought the pinks were reds (I was showing him over the webcam) and he thought she was evil. He’s changed his tune (now), but it was pretty darn funny when it was happening.

For me, I don’t live with my boyfriend so he doesn’t have too much interaction with any of my dolls. I’ll occasionally have one in my bag and pull her out and he’ll comment on the clothes or the hat or “Hey, didn’t she have different coloured eyes…?” and I have to remind him of the pullstrings and what they’re used for (again). He hardly ever remembers anyone’s name (except for Sophie, because she’s my “original Blythe” as she was my first). To him, they’re pretty, but they’re not anything that he’d really want to ever own for himself. Granted, he’s the kind of person who could be happily working away on a car or any other kind of type of machinery or drinking beer and watching the latest UFC fight on pay-per-view. (And I thought I had expensive hobbies…) But nevertheless, he’s never said anything bad about my dolls because he knows that they make me happy. Plus he thinks it’s neat that the community’s just so involved and there’s so much creativity going on.

How does your SO feel about Blythe being in their lives, even if it’s just slightly on the fringes of their lives? Are they involved? Do they mind helping you pose your dolls or carrying them out in public?

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  1. smidge girl AKA @smidge girl

    My boyfriend is big supporter of all my dolls, but he likes Blythe the best. 🙂 He knows the names of all my girls, and chats with them when I have them sitting on the sofa. (Sometimes they like to watch tv, lol) I know he’d happily go out and about with me, taking dolly photos, I’m the one who’se nervous!

    We’re a good match, he’s just as strange as I am! But we enjoy each other’s weirdness, and unusual hobbies etc, even if we don’t have the same interests, exactly. Like you said, he’s interested because I’m interested, and vice versa. 🙂

    And you know, it’s funny, my boyfriend was really weirded out by the changing eyes too– and he won’t watch when I take their heads off to customize– it freaks him out! Boys!

  2. Kim says:

    At first my husband thought it was weird when I started collecting Blythe. He kept saying how I was never a doll person. He thinks they are odd, and that they all look the same. But he has never made fun of me, and he has been known to spot a good photo opportunity that I’ve overlooked.

    My favorite moment was when we went on a road trip to Michigan. I had brought one of my dolls in the carry bag I had sewn for her. We got so busy on the trip that she was neglected, and ended up in the back of the car with all of our stuff. I found him digging her bag out of the pile, and he said he didn’t want anything to happen to “your expensive doll”. I found it sweet. 🙂

    He is into his Mustang, so we have a deal that I don’t tease him for doing all sorts of things to his car, and he won’t tease me about my Blythes.

  3. Katie AKA @kultofkulta

    My boyfriend thought my collecting dolls was a little strange at first but now he is used to it. He knows all their names and even has nicknames for them. I let him name my newest doll, which he called Samantha. I wasnt too impressed to find his Blythe photography from our vacation in which he and his friend put them in their pants, in beer glasses, in suggestive poses and in the sauna… Lucky her eyelashes didnt come out! I guess its his attempt as t blything.

  4. corsetkitten AKA @corsetkitten

    My husband thought that Blythe was utterly “freakish” looking. He’s warmed to her a little bit (now that I’m up to #3….and hoping someday to get #4 (NosPop) 😉

    Now instead of referring to them as “Scary Psycho/Chucky Dolls” he refers to them as “the Fat-Head” or “Big Headed” dolls. (I’m willing to get him to like them in small steps hehe!) I think it will probably stop completely when I get NosPop since I tell him she looks like a Mini-Me (and he agrees) and that He better not be calling me/her/them Fat-Headed anymore! 😀

    I guess the most important thing is that even though _he_ doesn’t care for them he accepts the fact I do (with the occasional ribbing) and even enables me! 😀

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