Performing Random Acts of Kindness

Written on February 16, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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There’s been a lot of hostility in the Blythe community, and I’m sure it’s a pretty natural thing to occur once in a while due to a group of adult women and things that cost a lot of money. Which is why I wanted to give a nod to those who participate in performing Random Acts of Kindness in the dolly community. A lot of it has to do with randomly gifting something to a fellow member of the Blythe community.

If you’re a member of Blythe Kingdom, you might not know that there are groups on the forums. There’s a group on the forums called Random Act of Blythe Kindness (RAOBK) which is dedicated to performing random acts of kindness towards other members of the RAOBK group. Membership is subject to approval by the moderator, but they seem to have a large group of members. A quick search over on Flickr shows me a lot of cute things that have been sent between members and it looks like a lot of fun if you’re looking for a group to be a part of.

Another option is to consider all the contacts that you’ve made. Does someone have a birthday coming up soon? Is there someone that you think needs a little cheering up? Mail that’s not a bill is always something to be happy about! And you don’t need to send anything big. A handmade card is something that will brighten up someone’s day just as much as a new dress for their doll or a pair of shoes.

Performing a random act of kindness isn’t meant to put a huge dent into your wallet (because that would not be performing an act of kindness to yourself. But it’s meant for you to put a smile onto someone else’s face. It doesn’t matter if you send a card, a pair of shoes or a handful of dresses with coordinating accessories because it’s meant for you to do something nice for someone else, not to show-off what you can or cannot afford to gift to other people.

After all, it doesn’t cost anything to be nice to someone else.

What are your thoughts on performing a random act of kindness to someone else in the doll community? Is it something that you have done before or would consider doing? Why or why not?

2 Responses to “Performing Random Acts of Kindness”

  1. Paula AKA @pablitasan

    A dolly friend sent me the most amazing package of stuff she knitted with my dolls in mind. It was so kind I almost cried. Blythe can be such an upper. I don’t understand the drama.

    • Michelle AKA @blythelifecom

      Hi Paula! That’s so true, I think the drama just comes about by some hot tempers and the fact that some people just blindly stand up for one another without being objective about some situations. But most of the time people are levelheaded 🙂

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