Question of the Week: Your Blythe and work?

Written on July 25, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Can we go home now? - 12/14 I brought my dolls to work quite frequently to work last summer (being a full-time student from September to April leads to only working full time in the summer term) and my coworkers were, for the most part, quite nice about the fact that I was bringing in dolls to work. It probably helps that I look really young and they teased me about it in a joking way. The only incident I had about it last year was with a pair of coworkers lifting up the dress of a doll to see what she was wearing underneath!

This summer, this have changed a bit. There’s a new coworker who took it upon himself to be quite mean about the fact that I had a doll at work or that I even collect dolls (I should have known better – he was quite rude about the desktop image that I had too and didn’t hesitate to tell people that “Michelle has a dolly on her desktop!”). But new/rude coworker aside, everyone else was fairly nice about me having a Blythe on my desk. They didn’t make repeated comments and most people were curious about the pullstrings and “Does your doll talk?” was a very common question.

Do you bring your Blythes or other dolls/toys to work? What kind of response do you get from your coworkers about it?

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  1. Steph! says:

    I teach 4th & 5th grade…which is an odd time in kids lives. Some are “done” with toys and others are still playing with them. I have a picture of one of my girls as my desktop image too…they see that ALL day long! I have brought my girls to school but the kids in my class don’t really know how to react. A lot of girls want to see them but don’t want to get teased….the younger grades LOVE them!!! And my co-workers are totally cool with the girls…I thing some of them would like to have one themselves.

  2. Heather AKA @claribari

    I bring the girls to work a lot (especially when I suspect a stressful day ahead!) Cassie comes more often than not, and hangs out in my locker, comes with me into the break room, and once in awhile I sneak her to the floor (I work at IKEA) Last time she was in was to say goodbye to my coworker M who will be away for a bit. He took awhile to warm up to them, but he asks how Cass and Fawn are, and saves me countertop samples that he thinks I can use in the dollhouse. The girls come shopping with me and R, another male coworker. My female coworkers all love Cass, and ask for her frequently. I stuffed her in my friend Yoyo’s mailbox one day after she asked for a visit. In the break room, one of the loss prevention agents was playing with her hair and chit chatting with a bunch of us. Hehe. I find that my coworkers are pretty cool about dolls!

  3. Tia AKA @tiabearden

    I usually have 1 of the girls with me (usually Oz), but she stays in her travel bag in my purse, unless I’m doing a quick photo shoot. My co-workers tease me about it & think that it is a waste of money, especially now that I have a baby. They kept telling me that I was going to have to sell everything once I had the baby. *sigh* That’s why she stays in my purse. The less they ask or comment about it the nicer I’m able to be at work! Haha!

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