Question of the Week: How often is there a Blythe with you?

Written on October 3, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Some people go everywhere with a Blythe. To the grocery store, to the movies, to school, to work. You name the place, and a Blythe follows them around. Perhaps they’re not always out and about, but there’s a Blythe there.

Unfortunately, I’m still fairly shy when it comes to taking my dolls out for photos in public. That changed a bit when BlytheCon in Portland happened, and then with my monthly dolly meet-ups with a great group of local collectors. I’m a lot more ‘free’ with dolly photography when I’m in a group of like-minded people. After all, then I’m not the only one with a big-headed doll in her hands. It definitely changes the dynamics to have other people having dolls out too.

Eden, bored at work. When I was working during the summer, I frequently had a doll with me. I usually had a Blythe sitting at my desk and looking incredibly board while I ignored the big eyes trying to tell me to buy them new dresses. If I didn’t have a doll out, she was probably in my purse wrapped up safely. Now that I’m back at school, I don’t bring dolls around with me all the time. This is mostly because it’s school and I’m usually too busy (sorry!) to pull a doll out for photos. There’s people around all the time. And despite the fact that I really don’t know most of the people in my 150+ classes, I still kind of care about not getting teased for having a doll at the age of 21. This is one of the reasons why I love having a local doll group – I can act as silly and as doll crazy as I’d like and it’s okay (because there’s others acting silly and crazy too!).

How often is there a Blythe with you?

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  1. SparkleFriday says:

    I don’t carry a girl with me at all times…but when I do have one with me – I could care less what people think…I figure if they have a problem – It is their problem not mine. Actually, I have had nothing but wonderful reactions!!! As a matter of fact, I was walking around school today with my girl Vea…and my staff all stopped me to “oohhh” and “awww” over her….they are supportive of my girls! 🙂

  2. Alice AKA @nuwandalice

    I have one a lot! 🙂 I have lost all my shame, hehe.

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