Freebie Friday Five: 001

Written on July 29, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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A new fun feature on is something I’d like to call Freebie Friday Five. It may not be a weekly occurrence (and may also not always happen on a Friday…), but from time to time I will showcase 5 fantastic and free things related to Blythe that I’d like to share with you! If you have any suggestions at all for what I should do a little showcase on and share with everyone on, please email me!

  1. With the crackdown on people breaking the Terms of Service on Flickr, people in the doll community are looking for new places to host photos for things like sales and auctions. There’s a lot of free sites available out there that you can host your pics there, free of charge. My favourite is Photobucket (but I’ve blogged about this here before!).
  2. Check out daily postings of 365 dolls over on Flickr! Due to the nature of the challenge (taking daily photos), there’s always something new going on in the 365 group! So be sure to check out some photos and maybe hit fave or comment on some if you like them.
  3. Read a blog or two! Some fun Blythe-related ones that I love and think you should read too are Blythe Blog (written by April), Mademoiselle Blythe (written by Fanny) and We Play With Dolls (written by several bloggers in Australia). They are all fantastic inspirations with cute blogs to boot!
  4. Impromptu fashion show with your dolls and their clothes! Has it been a while since someone’s gotten a change of clothes? Maybe it’s been a long time since you had taken their photo? Today’s the day to change all of that! Giving a doll a little bit of attention helps revive your love for her, plus it’s probably nice to give a girl a change of clothes from an outfit they’d been wearing for a month (or longer!).
  5. Do a meme! Tag someone, fill out a little survey, do something fun today that’s prompted by someone else. To get you started, there’s a great website called The Daily Meme.

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