Freebie Friday Five: 004

Written on October 28, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Every month’s last Friday (or just once a month, sometime on a Friday) is part of a feature on, Freebie Friday Five. Welcome everyone to the fourth instalment! I mention 5 things I love every month that’s free to do/read/see.

If you have any suggestions for next month’s Freebie Friday Five, please don’t hesitate to email me! Maybe you have a site you think that I should feature or a pattern that’s free and up on the web? Tell me!

  1.  Miniature food is delightful and sweet, but the cost of re-ment can be pretty pricey at times especially if there’s a specific piece that you’re looking for! You can always learn how to make your own polymer clay miniature foods for your Blythes with handy (and free!) tutorials online. Read up on safety tips and some great how-tos for miniature food.
  2. Did you miss out on going to BlytheCon UK this year? Never fear as there’s a lot of photos up on Flickr up on the BlytheCon UK 2011 group.
  3. Is there a Freecycle group for your local area? Yes, in order to ‘claim’ something on Freecycle, you have to put up something for someone else (good karma, and not taking advantage of the system!) but Freecycle is a great way to get new-to-you crafting supplies. For instance, I’ve put some books on Freecycle in very poor condition (someone wanted them for crafting purposes) and I was able to get a box of unused sewing thread from someone else. (Alternatively, you can try the freebies section on your local Craigslist and see what people are offering up and if you can get some free craft supplies!)
  4. I do like seeing what doll releases are out there from Blythe. One great resource for that is Blythopia, which has a complete list of all the doll releases by Takara and they include information about if it was a limited release, special chips, what kind of stock the doll comes with.
  5. One blog that I always love reading is written by Fanny, better known as Mademoiselle Blythe. Her blog is always full of great posts with interviews or resources for people in the Blythe community. I was able to meet Fanny at BlytheCon this year in Portland and she was an absolute delight.

If you know of a site, group or activity that you think I should highlight in next month’s Freebie Friday Five, let me know! Comment below or email me.

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