Little feelings of being “overwhelmed”

Written on February 17, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I love Blythe, I really do. Sometimes I look over at their shiny faces and think that I’m incredibly lucky to have them. Sometimes I look over at their shiny faces and wonder when I got so many of them!

As of right now, I have 9. 9 shiny, happy, sometimes annoyed looking faces. I say ‘annoyed’ because I can name about 5 right now who haven’t had a wardrobe change since the previous year. And while it doesn’t seem like it’s been so long since the new year, we are in the second half of February now. So yes, I have accusatory faces looking at me with their orange and pink chips (I clearly need to learn to change them to side-facing before putting them back on their stands). As I’m on the verge of adopting a couple more lovelies into the doll family, I think I’m reaching my “limit” soon. I always told myself “Just 10!”. One of each mold, at least. But as I started getting closer and closer to 10, I started giving myself loopholes. Like “It’s okay to go over 10 as long as it’s Kenners”. Because, really, vintage doll goodness? I can’t pass that up!

Besides spending a less on doll ‘stuff’ this year, I think I’ll be spending more time with each doll. Give them each some individual pampering time throughout the year. I was looking at my Flickr sets the other day and noticed how little photos some of my dolls have while some that had been around for less time had a couple times more photos in total. I need to remedy that and just take more photos in general. I used to take more, back when I was doing 365. I opted not to do it this year, but I’ve begun to think that I may change that.

Some people have fifty-plus and don’t feel overwhelmed at all, lucky butts that they are. Some have a couple hundred. I really do wish I had the money and space for that many. But, unfortunately, I don’t. I’m incredibly happy with the doll family that I do have (and will have, after a few additions). I think that we’re all lucky to have Blythe in our lives. After all, without here we might not be doll collectors, and there certainly wouldn’t be this blog! I’m really grateful for Blythe for having brought me such great fun and lots of new friends and it’s a fantastic thing to have such a joyful hobby.

Have you ever felt ‘overwhelmed’ with the number of Blythes (or other dolls) that you have? What did you do to deal with it?

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  1. Laura AKA @plastic_fashion

    I’m not sure if I get overwhelmed with having money but when I noticed that a particular doll doesn’t get played with much then it’s time for her to go. Though I totally dislike adopting dolls out I feel the money could be better spent else where especially if I am not feeling it for a particular girl. I think I have 10 right now.

  2. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    I think it is perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed with any aspect of your life, even a happiness-inducing hobby like Blythe. Blythe can be very overtaking as there are so many aspects to it and can be so financially challenging and your tastes can wind up shifting over time, so things you acquired can become things you don’t want anymore… like clothes or even dolls. I told myself early on there was no need to feel guilty if I slipped out of a Blythe mindset and let them stay dressed in the same outfits for weeks. (If they’re looking cute, especially!) I like to arrogantly think it is within my control to feel overwhelmed or not.

  3. vlar says:

    I had an aunt who would ask “how many clothes can anyone wear at one time?” and that applies to Blythe, too. I have my one custom girl whom I adore and will probably get a boy and maybe one or two more. As it is I’m rarely changing out my dolly’s outfits unless I get the urge to try something creative. If it ever gets to the point where I’m not even doing that, or worse keeping her in a carrier, then I know I’ve exceeded my interest. But for now I love my doll and want a decent camera so I can take her places like others do and see the fun that comes from people’s (mostly nice) reactions! I love to talk about her and people seem so interested. That’s a great thing for me – to have this little hobby that helps me to connect to other people in a nice way….

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