How long is too long for an outfit?

Written on January 31, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Since I stopped doing 365 (with Eden) and since I’m a busy, busy person with school (and all the lovely things associated with school…), I don’t have a lot of time for my dolls. It almost seems ironic when I write that, because of this website. I make time for the site and I take photos of dolls (or use photos already taken) for posts and that, lately, has been the only time that I get to take photos of dolls or at meets, which are thankfully more often than not.

I decided to look at my dolls and see which one has been wearing the same outfit for the longest period of time and unfortunately it is probably Halo. She’s been pretty much wearing this dress (by puppy52) since I bought it and because I haven’t really taken her out to any meets or anything, so there hasn’t been an outfit change. The Kenners and Halo (a custom Blythe) don’t get as much photo time on BlytheLife itself because they aren’t displayed (mostly due to lack of space, stands), so they aren’t often the ones I go for when I need a model for a photo. I couldn’t really tell you just how long it has been since Halo has been in this dress, but if the Flickr set for her is anything to go by, she’s been in that dress since November 9, 2012 (with maybe a couple brief changes, then back again). So much over a year. I think it’s time for a change! Perhaps? But I do love this dress so much.

Gorgeous Halo.

Is over a year too long for a single outfit? It isn’t as if she’s on display all the time so I don’t really notice that she’s in the same dress day in and day out, but if I were to have to wear the same outfit every day for over a year, I’d be incredibly bored, wouldn’t you be? So is a year too long? I’m sure there’s others out there that have kept their dolls in an outfit for an even longer period of time, but it is time for a change for my dear little Halo…

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  1. It’s certainly a beautiful dress and suits little Halo wonderfully! I do like to change my girls’ clothes every now and then though — except when they have tights on; that’s always a bit of a bother lol 🙂

  2. Veronica Thompson says:

    This is such good question! For me, once I find a beautiful dress that seems to perfectly suit a dolly, they never want to take it off;) I’m pretty sure some of them have been in the same thing for a few years and more years to come.

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