Chubby Blythe: Mimi Bobeck x Blythe Hybrid

Written on December 12, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Mimi Bobeck x Blythe hybrids makes for a Blythe on a chubbier body. Is it a phase that will eventually wash out in the Blythe community, or is it here to stay for good? Only time will tell!


The Blythe community is no stranger to having Blythe heads on non-stock bodies. See: Licca, Pure Neemo, and Obitsu. Generally speaking, those bodies offer more posing capabilities with Blythe rather than detracting from what poses the doll initially has uncustomized. Mimi Bobeck, for those in the dark, was a character from The Drew Carey Show. There were dolls released of Drew Carey and Mimi Bobeck in relation to the show, both of which are considered to be collectible items.

If you are looking to get a Mimi Bobeck body for a doll either now or ‘sometime in the future’, might I recommend that you try to find one now before the prices get a little more exorbitant? Prices on eBay are climbing! Unlike Licca, Pure Neemo, and Obitsu, Mimi Bobeck dolls are no longer being manufactured which adds to the limited factor of how many are available which does nothing to help the price of each one.

20141212cThe Mimi Bobeck doll, in her unaltered glory.

The Mimi Bobeck body has many differences from the standard Takara Blythe body:

  • The knees do not bend
  • The legs are naturally set further apart than Blythe’s legs are
  • The hands are spread far apart (making it more difficult to dress)
  • The neck must be adjusted to allow it to fit into a Blythe head
  • The bust is larger
  • The doll’s stomach is rounded
  • The arms and legs are thicker
  • The plastic is more rigid

Shoes (and we all know how much I love doll shoes) are hit and miss with the Mimi Bobeck body. The plastic is harder than Blythe’s, and that makes fitting on boots a bit more difficult. This is really a trial-and-error type of experiment when it comes to fitting shoes on.

Some people have found that their Mimi Bobeck’s have stained bodies – this unfortunate phenomenon is due to the stock clothing that the doll comes with (think of Rosie Red and the red bodice of her dress – same thing). Your mileage may vary on the presence, or amount, of stains that your doll comes with as there are many factors that come into play when it comes to the plastic staining (including humidity and temperature).

20141212bGenius! Jen extended the neck peg which will allow the doll to still tilt her head.

Having a customized/hybrid Blythe on a Mimi Bobeck would mean getting a new wardrobe that could be able to accommodate the difference in size of the body, as well as having a wardrobe that was more ‘open’ in the back to compensate for how far apart the the hands are set on the Mimi Bobeck body.

The photos included in this post are all from Jen/Blythe Spa Time. Photos used with permission.

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